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4/7 c2 OnePunchPlayer
'Reborn as an immortal'? Reminds me of the Guardians, we too are immortal. (So long as our floating companions would stay alive and not get shot at.)

Then again, one of the very first and still living Guardians that are alive right now are acting as our leaders & teachers and have been living for centuries.
3/19 c1 Tony538
Do a reading: warhammer 40k and kuroinu fanfiction or reading: doom (2016) and kuroinu fanfiction just think about it
3/9 c6 Spiral-Voltron-Zero0Q1
Seeing thier reactions is funny
Keep it coming
2/9 c5 Guest
Add the parings for the princess Knights to see a image of their future lovers
12/18/2017 c3 SaddyFics
Hello Boyo!

It is I, you’re now self proclaimed Alter-Ego, Me!

Sad Factory!

We’ll be seeing eachother... some time.

Also, on a more serious note;

Try to be... more clever in your little tales of... whatever you call are stories.

Because, the Gary Sue factor levels in your stories are quite worrying (most them, anyways).

So, I made a list on your little flaws on your stories:
1. They have almost little to no character

2. I’m very sure that in most lemon scenes, the characters themselves only knew eachother for five seconds and still fuck like a cheap porno

3. No development or little world building

there a chance where your character has to overcome, anything with actual painful effort?

5. Do you even listen to REAL professional critics who can actually improve your stories?

6. A white knight... A F £%#*N WHITE KNIGHT?!(look it up, to why most people hate them)

7. Did you really just choose quantity over quality?! You have, like... a bazillion dead stories m8!? Try to make quality products instead of popping them out like a chinese manufactory, GEEEZZ!


There are some good points about you I appreciate;

1. You never give up (kind of... due to the dead stories you have... awkward)

2. You have imagination, but you execute it poorly. For once in a lifetime, how about you read your stories as if you were a skeptic all critic. So you polish your story and actually make it readable and enjoyable, and if your critic side enjoys it, it’s probable that other people will enjoy it too. (a tip from me to you.)

3. I’m amused at your silly, silly ideas on how women work. (Silly, just silly)

4. Try to be respectable to “other” audiences who read your stories. Besides, you are the one presenting the product to curious eyes To the fandom, but if you execute it in the wrong way, well... they’ll complain about how bad it is. Similar to seeing a hyped movie, but showing disappointing content to the audience.

5. You are only human, not everyone is good at tellling fantastical stories. But in this site where people share stories online for either passion, for fun, for fame, for fantasy fulfillment, or for a hobby. I’ll probably guess you have something better to do than this. Writing a fanfic is more harder than you think, there’s one rule in most veteran literature, don’t make look it half-assed and created without passion.

For now I’ll leave a message, about all of this. In this era of this website, There many aspiring writers who have created works of art, some just make it poorly. Either they are unimaginative, didn’t execute it properly or some other thing entirely. Regardless, I’m tired of watching and finding terrible fiction over and over again, it’ll not be easy, it will be a hard path to pave. For every failure you do you must learn a lesson.

Just like in school you have to study hard and work hard. But, the better solution is not working harder but working smarter. Being intellectual on how you operate your actions, working smarter means you can do incredible things never thought possible. Trust me, it works.

For now, I can only watch as you either listen or not, grow or decay. I can only have faith in you that you prove me wrong, that you can be better than me. If not, be prepared for competition, if it will even come.

For now, I’ll wait

- a young critic, a new writer, and your new rival

P.S. don’t be scared to try new things and one-up me, please. I have faith in you that you can rise up to the challenge.
12/15/2017 c2 21Jokun
I can't wait to see what happens.
12/11/2017 c2 Guest
Kind of reminds me of smartphone in another world, but the hero seems way, way too OP if you ask me. Also I wouldn't be surprised if this fic amounts to just plain evil bashing and wanton gratifications.
12/11/2017 c2 Guest
I'm beginning to see where this is heading to.
12/8/2017 c1 Guest
Nice intro but the question is this, which one are you doing first because there isn't much Kuroinu story that actually finish?
12/8/2017 c1 Tony538
do a doom (2016) and kuroinu fanfiction like this one please
12/8/2017 c1 21edboy4926
Interesting intro
12/7/2017 c1 27Zero Arashi Uchiha
interesting Start.

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