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for Break it down, Butterfly

6/14/2022 c33 12Nontacitare
This story warmed my heart. My greatest wish for the show Miraculous is for Nooroo to be freed from captivity, and you did it! Vrai Papillon is the perfect holder for Nooroo. I love your characterization of Nino and the depth you bring to him, as well as the lore of the miraculous you've created. Brilliantly done.
6/11/2022 c33 89erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
5/27/2022 c33 20EveryWhichWayzz
Ah, yes! You're back! Oh my goodness, I am so happy to see an update on this! And it was beautiful! It doesn't matter how short it was because I was crying the entire time. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!
5/23/2022 c32 Night lock117
Holy crap your back! Genuinely speaking I wasn’t sure if you would come back or not. But I can’t wait for your stories again!
4/28/2022 c20 1alohaflower
the way they were like "oh wow he chose a random kid champion with useless powers" and then the kid throws pokeballs and literally catches them, I'm in love
3/17/2022 c10 Guest
The French words for lavender butterfly?
8/11/2021 c31 5wingedcatgirl
The twists and turns in this story! Excitement to see the thrilling conclusion!
6/22/2021 c31 11freakshow
Your plot and writing style are amazing, and I’m happy to see you’ve got this far with your story, good luck on your next update
4/2/2021 c15 20EveryWhichWayzz
I think it's perfect and highly ironic that you chose to say "Chat Noir, I am your father." because they still thought he was Hawkmoth who technically is Chat's father. XD
4/2/2021 c13 EveryWhichWayzz
Wait...FOUR Kwamis?

*counts them off*

Plagg, Tikki, Butterfly one...

4/2/2021 c12 EveryWhichWayzz
And you wonder why you have no friends, Chloe...

I think I'm supposed to write an actual review here, so, here goes!

This is such an amazing story! It's like everything I could imagine and want in an episode all compiled together into one awesome book! :D
4/2/2021 c7 EveryWhichWayzz
Oh, Nino, A for effort on her name though XD
4/1/2021 c2 EveryWhichWayzz
Awww, okay, I haven't gotten all the way through season one yet, so I don't know who Nooroo is, but this is just plain adorable! :D
8/10/2020 c31 89erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
8/3/2020 c31 fanakatsuki
Lets bring back our cute kwami
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