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for You Lied

3/17/2019 c1 VegetaBriefs786
Okay I really love this story but here’s a few things I think would help

1. Vegeta didn’t have to say anything. He could’ve kept it to himself, and nobody would know

2. I know this story’s AU, but Chi Chi wouldn’t Photoshop those pics

3. I don’t get why Goku broke up with Chi-Chi, she was just trying to protect her friend, Sure what she did was wrong, but Vegeta lied about it, and everyone forgave him.

4. Why wouldn’t Yamcha fight for Bulma?

This are my thoughts, you don’t have to change anything. This is way better than a list I got on one of my fics btw, I changed the whole story because of it, I totally regret it, but it did help on my other fics. Keep weighting though! You’ll get better!
3/6/2018 c4 MadLover2133
Good story so far! Wish I could say I agreed with you about Yamcha but I honestly can't. I don't care if he cheated on Bulma or not but she definitely deserved better than someone like Yamcha. I'm just glad the creators realized that too and didn't let her end up with with weakling lol can't wait to see what you got next
1/16/2018 c1 Guest
I really like the story but Bulma and Vegeta’s relationship seems a bit /too/ forced. Vegeta can be a bit OOC at times.

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