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9/8/2019 c7 Spectrer
Zed and Quinn certainly will be an interesting relationship
8/25/2019 c7 8Ryder Van Rose
I loved Kayn's dialogues and scenes, it's so.. he xD.

And now we have a Quinn officially within the order of the shadows. I already feel that there is more personality of her here, so good work checking the lore just need to demonstrate more her tracking and infiltration skills in the future and that the teachings of the ninjas (who are so expert in this subject) lead her to a new level.

Quinn improves his skills, he becomes a very useful member of the order while stealing pieces of Zed's heart, if I can really imagine that how things are going so far.

PD: Hopefully the next update won't take long.
I wish you the best and have the time to write.
8/18/2019 c7 Nina-Chan202
yay! i was so happy u updated this fic againand the ending is so cute x3 personally I would love it if u added a chap of Zed X Quinn uwu (maybe a bit of Kayn x Irelia too heheh~)
8/18/2019 c7 Slavonia
Thanks for the awesome story annd thee hard work. I loove Quinn and I usually pair her up with Talon. It is new to me to read Quinn x Zed, but it is surprisingly amazing! I would love to read more! Keep it up
8/1/2019 c6 Guest
Good read! Please update soon!
3/17/2019 c6 Spectrer
If Jarvan wakes up in time, he won’t only be able to stop this bloodshed but also clear Quinn and blame Noxus (hopefully, if the commanders listen to him).
2/17/2019 c5 RyderVanRose
Let's see if Quinn after so many failures starts to devise strategies accordingly and like she does it in her official lore (story of 'the laws of survival' in Quinn's page of universe) because this Quinn is staying very OCC with so impulsive that she behaves.

While the canon has left she is someone much more analytical and rational, waiting for the right moments. Taking a look at that story to recapture the essence of the character would be fine for a change now that she has already made too many mistakes in his goals (in the story, Quinn that already failed in his missions, I mean) and Zed are saving her ass again. It's time to Quinn evolution to the Quinn in the lore and use her brain.

I hope see u again soon in the next chapter.
2/21/2018 c4 RazorC
I'm liking the style of a darker Quinn, I think you pull off her personality quite well. Zed, however, seems a bit too kind in comparison to other stories I've read. Then again, this might be how he treats his students.
The final part of this chapter was unnecessary, as it is too short tp be a proper cliffhanger and doesn't really create much effect that way. The previous paragraph would be a better ending, and you could go into this next part more in the following chapter.

Aside from that, thank you for the update, I'm looking forward to the next!
12/30/2017 c3 Guest
i really love this
12/28/2017 c3 Ryder Van Rose
Uh ... I'd like to see a confrontation between Talon and Quinn, and one kill the other would be really exciting. I like how the plot goes with Zed and his manipulative attitude for Quinn to join (otherwise he would not be so soft from the start). Waiting for the next chapter to see that training!
12/25/2017 c2 RazorC
this is pretty good, unusual pairings aren't easy, and as far as plot is concerned you're doing a good job
12/25/2017 c2 Guest
Its so dam good man make more and a bit faster i love the story i want the romance to grow xD eather way good job making this chapter
12/10/2017 c1 Oxymintachilotto
Very good
12/10/2017 c1 Garen
Hell yeah. I need to see more of your works
12/10/2017 c1 Ryder Van Rose
The charming thing that ship 'cracks' / unusual is to give them an interesting development and so the first chapter is going well.

I like the order that you are drop the scenes and the information so I will continue reading your work. One can not say much in a first chapter so i still waiting the others for elabore a more deep review.

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