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for Golden Atlas (SYOC)

4/27/2018 c2 Ini minnie maini moe
You have a great beginning, you should continue!
12/14/2017 c2 5Sundered Heart
Thanks for accepting my OC! I'll look forward to the story!
12/14/2017 c2 HighTide67
Thank you for the update! All of these characters look very interesting, I await the first chapter!
12/14/2017 c2 The Restless Drifter
Aw, mine didn’t make it. Sad face. Oh well.

The chosen OCs look interesting. I find some of their magicks to be a little too edgy, but I’m only going by names here, so I’ll hold off judgement on that.

I am curious about one thing, though. McCauley’s magic. Thaumaturgy is literally defined as the ability to do magic. So it’s Magic Magic?

One other thing. Will the OCs that weren’t chosen be automatic put in the running when or if more slots open up, or will they need to be resubmitted?

Looking forward to seeing what you have planned!
12/13/2017 c2 10ultima-owner
Interesting magics
12/13/2017 c2 Algy Pond
Thanks for the update, I just haven't had time to transcribe my sample. we're gearing up for midterms at school so it's just busy right now.q
12/11/2017 c1 The Restless Drifter
This looks interesting! I’ll be sure to send in an OC.
12/10/2017 c1 53PainX65
A guild with Lucy as the guild master? And it's a SYOC? Sign me up, a very interesting idea. I'll send in a OC for this.
12/10/2017 c1 4TheGGG
Sounds interesting. I'll totally send in an OC.
12/10/2017 c1 HighTide67
Great start so far! I will create a character right away!
12/10/2017 c1 badryla
Omg ! I am so sorry hope you can still read everything. Idk what happened some spaces have disappeared
12/10/2017 c1 badryla
Okay, let me get something straight, I love your idea. It’s original and amazing and so good
So I don’t usually do this but I’m gonna propose an OC


NameTakuro Shinkothe name doesn’t rly matter you can change it if you want)
Gender: male
Classnot S class because he didn’t had a guild at the time
Eyes: green. He looks just like Miyamura Toranosuke from Yamada-kun
Heightidk a little bit more than Natsu I guess
Skin: beige
Buildathletic because who doesn’t want to look at abs
Guild markbetween his neck and his back or on his foot in black or dark grey
Tattoos/Scarsone on his left arm


Everyday: a pair of dark green pants, a plain white T-shirt with short sleeves (idk just something casual)
Formala black suit
Swimwearsome navy Swim Shorts In Mid Length
Wintera hoodie
PersonalityTaku likes teasing people but only the people he likes . He
sometimes do some nasty tricks . He is a joker and he will always gonna do a funny remark even in a rather compromising situation however he does not open easily to strangers. He is sometimes a pervert. He becomes very sassy in battles like mocking the enemies to disturb them. He does not especially crave to fight but he is not down for a challenge. He also doesn’t sleep that much at night. He is very stubborn and sometimes he can be totally indifferent.(idk if it was enough pls tell me if you need more information)
Likes: he likes playing soccer and enjoying a croissant every morning
He likes to hit on some girls for fun and then turning them down just to make his crush jealous sometimes.
Taku likes to have deep conversations with his friends. He likes competition.
Hobbiesplaying soccer from time to time, training, chilling in his guild
Favorite thingswinning a contest, teasing Lucy, playing video games and soccer

RELATIONSHIPS (finallyFriendsI picture him having a male best friend like a bro thing (idk if that make any sense lolHe is friend with like the half of the guild and some people who enjoy some peace and quiet
Bf/GfHe has a ambiguous relationship with Lucy like teasing and joking but not already a couple
Acquaintancesnot the most talkative with them
RivalsI figured he would always set up a challenge for everything and would do a lot of mean plans to annoy his rivals
Familyvery protective but sometimes act like he doesn’t care in public
Strangershe doesn’t care at all about strangers , he already care for enough people
Enemies: Taku will act sassy af


Name: waves magic
What does it dohe can create magnetic waves in the ground to make massive earthquakes and basically destroy anything or shape it in another way. He can also make a deafening noise so than nobody can hear anything
Weaponsa machine gun or an axe or a secret knife or a swordjust pick)
Strengthhe can read on lips
Weaknesshe is useless against spiritual magic

Hope you will like my character and put in your story. Sorry if I did any mistakes English is not my mother tongue, if you need more explanation pls tell me

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