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2h c65 7Dexter-83
I was waiting for this..
5h c65 1Gogos14
Damn... so naruto dies here. Freakin epic scenes. Idk how you do it man, but another great chapter. Can't wait for madara to show up with kiri and uzu forces.
8h c65 Uday Sra
11h c65 aayushjakhar
just amazing love your chapters.
16h c65 Guest
22h c65 Guest
if Boruto taught us anything, is that sacrifices are forgotten and humanity simply cannot change. Kinda pointless...
16h c65 dhsubsbebeb
16h c65 1ramsesjames05
very touching! will the great army of Kirigakure and Uzu arrive in the next chapter?
16h c65 NarutoManiac2400
17h c65 paulagustin101
Amazing chapter as always! keep up the good work!
18h c65 De titan
read this while listening to "Into the Night · Sirenia · Morten Veland"
it is literally one of the best feelings i have ever had
you have written well my friend
it is Movie of the Century Worthy
it's almost painful to see the end approaching
but it has been a amazing read from chapter one as a spy to chapter 65 as former kage now the last spartan on the battlefield fighting for what he believes in against a literal sea of enemies, now seeing the climax is near, the young wolf against natures sage and the oceans wrath
it will be legendary.
19h c65 dragonfox123
Amazing chapter
19h c65 Allosaurus188
I used to think that the Naruto from Fire & Blood would be impossible to beat when it comes to how well a character is written, but man.. You really blew this version out of the park. I really hope that you find a way for him to survive because this man deserves to see the world that he is giving his all for and finally rest surrounded by the love from his family and loved ones.
19h c65 RIOSHO
Holy shit! So uzu and kiri will help in the final battle alongside Madara. And pur Hero falls here removing the last 2 true threats. We really hope Danzo broke his neck or something on the way down. Shera was a good hope someone else on Naruto's side saw the worlf and will add him to the Tale of Naruto the Great.
19h c65 Seldom Early
I can’t believe this story is truly coming to an end. I’ve been reading since the very first update, your stories are seriously one of the best ones out there. I am glad to have been able to enjoy this ride from the start, I am very thankful you still continue to write them even as the years pass by.
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