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for The Seventh Swordsman

9/22 c66 BOBbyboy177336

man your stories are amazing but i can't stand Naruto always dying in the end. It's depressing and I'm kinda just expecting it now.
9/5 c3 BOBbyboy177336
You are one of the few writers to be able to make your story just epic and exciting af, like I get goosebumps reading this.
7/8 c68 WebSlinger12
I finally got around this finish this story... been binge reading it for the past 3 days. It's been a hell of a ride, author. I love this story. Thank you for pouring out your heart into it, as it is a beautiful work of art. May God bless you and keep you in your future endeavours my friend. Stay safe and good luck.
5/31 c68 1jamthacreator
Brilliant story, your write some of the best naruto fanfiction keep it up and be proud!
5/3 c68 A fellow reader
I love your story but you should really learn to make the epilogue more nostalgic to the original story and give only brief of the future. I know it’s not much but it will help you know what makes an epilogue good is the nostalgia and the feeling that the story has ended even if you wish to write a sequel those 2 points should remain unfazed
4/24 c3 nat's bf
great story; my gf and i love it... thank you!
4/3 c1 ImWinZ
3/4 c1 Guest
Do not let others opinion discourage, dear author. it is a great work of fiction. Keep it up:)
2/16 c4 MojoBlack
Naruto is doing a good job taking command, though I am worried that his covert operation will eventually take a downturn.

Mei being revealed as holding Saiken is a twist I didn't see coming. I'm definitely tuned in now.
2/14 c1 MojoBlack
The premise of story just promises greatness.
Furthermore I find it fascinating that Ino and Naruto are functioning as a pretend couple but really have feelings for each other that have developed over time obviously.
She is obviously from Konoha and he maybe from Uzushio? Maybe.
This sounds like a planned assassination mission that MIGHT go wrong.
12/30/2022 c68 Jab302004
Epic story from start to finish it absolutely kept me engaged the whole time. My only wish is there would be a sequel where Minato/naruto comes back from the dead to face a great threat. Keep up writing these amazing stories they always make my day better.10/10 IGN
11/21/2022 c1 Dasgun

10/26/2022 c1 tambrick
blackwolf is a good author an has some really great stories ofc not every story is a hit but he's really worth checking out I personally have him as a favorite FF author
10/16/2022 c3 GloriouSin
To everyone who ever said any story by Blackwolf is anything but total absolute garbage: You sir are a tasteless asshole.
Best stay away, author is daft, obviously ignores comments other than praise and is utterly SHIT at writing.
10/16/2022 c1 GloriouSin
Well let's try the final piece of garbage you wrote, shocking you never learned to write after writing so much. Just kidding your J.R.R Martin pathetic braindead talentless amateur style of writing is sure to pass onto this pile of shit too.
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