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for The Seventh Swordsman

1/21 c48 kishinaract
Ho-ly shit! this is an amazingly crafted story that honestly i felt confused by at first and was gonna drop but IM SO GLAD I DIDNT! YOU HAVE GRIPPED ME BY THE THROAT and curb stomped my issues leaving only a desire to literally keep checking for the next chapter i cannot wait for more!
1/17 c48 ExoticButters34
Hey I have recently began to read your story and I really like it, thank you for all of your hard work and effort you have put into this story so far.
1/17 c48 JDOWG19H
Love the chapter and I cant wait for the next.
Keep it up my dude!
1/16 c43 Guest
Great war!
1/16 c44 Squid
Love it
1/16 c45 Dark-sama
1/16 c46 You
1/16 c47 White
1/16 c48 Oden-sama
Nice chapter
1/16 c48 3Archilles
poor mei, naru didnt giver her all the truth?
1/16 c48 2Leaning Leon
He’s gonna die in the end of his story. Most likely because of Madara.
1/16 c48 Pato HM
Aaah damn, a cliffhanger. Can't wait to see what is done to the Uzukage
1/16 c48 1Emeraldfox57
Finally! Outside of the history of the Spartans the return home to uzu was a much awaited part i cant wait to read. Update soon and happy new year
1/16 c48 RIOSHO
Looking forward to seeing how the people take the news. Also wonder if he'll ever reveal his past to his generals.
1/16 c48 Naru99
Muy buen capitulo:p
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