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for Let Them Lie

5/9/2020 c9 samuraisushicat
This was one of my favourite episodes of ST Enterprise, but I like your version better - it has the amount of drama I like and, sadly, the show lacks in good Reed-centred drama (the minefield episode was the closest). By any chance, you have more of such rewrites or are you planning some more? :p
11/17/2018 c9 7Aileil
Thanks for this story! It may be a tad 'dramatic' as Reed put it, but I found it engaging and uplifting. I don't like my favourite characters getting battered about for no good reason, but if the story adequately justifies it and makes something out of it, I can appreciate it. Here, you've done a lovely job with character balance. T'Pol, Trip, Reed, and Hoshi are especially well rendered. Your ending scene is heartwarming, but no more effusive than anything aired on the show itself and your clever trick with the firing codes was quite creative and not a solution I would have considered. Thank you again.
6/18/2018 c1 2Foedhrass
I just found your story and I absolutely love it! Give me some good story of a hurting but hero Malcolm any day! One of the best stories out there! I hope you'll write another one soon! :)
1/7/2018 c9 8MDF123
An exciting and well paced ending.

This has been a great story, thank you!
1/7/2018 c9 121LoyaulteMeLie
Ah, a fitting end - why didn't they call you in to write the episode? Yours was much more plausible, and far more exciting!

Thank you for posting this, it's been a thrilling ride!
1/4/2018 c8 Guest
I just discovered this gem of a story...poor Malcolm! So glad he finally woke up. Love it-keep up the great work!
12/31/2017 c8 8MDF123
I see others have said similar things and I agree.

You are very good at creating stakes through a well balanced combination of both direct description and through the reactions of your characters to your events.

I’m very much enjoying this story.
12/31/2017 c6 MDF123
Another great example of your skill with immersive description. Well done!
12/31/2017 c5 MDF123
I really like your reimagination of the “kitchen scene” here!
12/31/2017 c3 MDF123
A great continuation!
I especially like the scenes with Bu'Kah‘s POV.
12/31/2017 c2 MDF123
This is very effectively written.

I liked the immersion your description provides and your action is effective and well paced.

Looking forward to getting to the next chapter!
12/30/2017 c8 2Red River Hog
Enjoying this so very very much. Agree with LmL that the characterizations are spot on and the descriptions of his recovery realistic. Now don't let us wait too long for the next bit. Your stories are all so well written. More!
12/30/2017 c8 121LoyaulteMeLie
'"Aw hell, Malcolm..." Trip groaned.' Do you know, I don't think this was ever said on the actual show but it felt so entirely plausible, so natural, that it felt as if I was listening to Trip actually say it - I could see the look on his face. That's brilliant characterization on your part. And Jon, agonizing over the commendations and second-guessing his decision to help the Klingons to start with ... equally well brought to life, if not quite as visceral in impact.

Very realistic description of the slow process of recovery from major surgery. Far more accurate than someone waking up as though they've simply been asleep; the brain, as well as the body, has to grope its way back to normal functionality.
12/24/2017 c7 4Wedgewood
I am on the edge of my seat, very fast paced and exciting!
12/21/2017 c7 121LoyaulteMeLie
Hell's bells, this is not looking good.
Excellent, throat-gripping descriptions of Malcolm's injuries and his comrades' grim determination to save him. Let's hope their efforts pay off!
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