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6/9 c24 Guest
I cant wait for the update on this, I usually don't like modern AUs but this one has my heart
1/27 c9 3Purple Sylph
This story quickens the pulse and makes the heart sing. The chemistry between Hiccup and Astrid is just PERFECT! I am so invested in this, and I cannot wait to find out what happens next!
1/27 c9 Guest
This quickens the pulse,
1/10 c24 dinochickrox
This was an excellent chapter! And I’m glad you were able to find writing this therapeutic. It’s a hard subject to talk about.
1/10 c24 4CajunBear73
It's hard, when the person you look up to...looks down at you...

1/9 c24 Grimnack
Damn... Just... Damn. I'm glad this was therapeutic for you
12/31/2021 c23 Breathlessmoments
I really love this I shall patiently await the next update!
12/9/2021 c23 CajunBear73
Hope she didn't do that either...

12/9/2021 c23 Grimnack
Lots of sad moments this chapter. especially after it started out so upbeat
12/8/2021 c23 6Musical Dragon Rider
Get Hiccup to pull Astrid involved (unwillingly hehehe) in the Fire Drill. She gets angry but Hiccup just brushes her anger aside and kisses her. Cue girl melting (metaphorically) in his arms.

Cue cheers from audience and half of the audience covering the students' eyes from PDA. LOL
11/2/2021 c23 prettyflowers3
hello! new reader here! i love this very very much <3
7/21/2021 c23 4SkiBumForLife
I'm thinking that the kids would love Astrid, and in a few chapters time, there would be a fire drill at school where Hiccup comes etc. Maybe Astrid could be in danger from something, an actual fire, I don't know.
7/8/2021 c23 1catmotherwinelover
I don't have the words, I just love this story. One of a few modern HTTYD stories that i really enjoy, I'm grinning so hard reading this xD
Please update when you got time and opportunity I wanna know what happens next!
Hiccup as a firefighter... It just fits so well. I wonder what would happen if he actually got hurt during action, how would Astrid react... Just a thought️
7/4/2021 c22 Fraanrmz
un dato que a nadie le importa, en mi país, los bomberos son todos voluntarios
no es un trabajo en sí y cada uno tiene sus profesiones y trabajos aparte
por cierto, ¡está muy genial la historia!
nunca me había imagino a Hiccup como bombero , pero tiene sentido con la adrenalina que tienen
creo que sería de esos oficios que nunca podría por el miedo je
7/2/2021 c18 me
did you seriously make snotlout date fishlegs, did not see that coming, great story, love it.
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