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5/30 c36 dinochickrox
This is the fluff I needed!
5/22 c35 20Carl Solo
Glad they're finally living together, so nice.
5/7 c35 jetflyer62901
I hate to post this in a review of a completely unrelated fanfiction, but you didn’t respond to my PM that I sent you. What ever happened to the fanfiction that you co-wrote, that was titled, “In Love With a Master”, by BubbaDogSlaw?
5/7 c35 dinochickrox
OMG, is he thinking about THAT!? If he is, I’ll be so hyped!
5/6 c35 4CajunBear73
Quite the emotional turning pages of their lives or closing doors to open ones, as both say goodbye to their first apartments. And the 'life' they lived from there through now.

Now for a new chapter to be written as Hiccup seems to have the first pages ready to go...

Hope so...

4/19 c34 20Carl Solo
Nice chapter, thanks for the update.
4/15 c34 4CajunBear73
Good bonding period for them, after the years of turmoil each had, in their own lives...

4/15 c34 dinochickrox
I love how you write Snot’s and Hiccup’s relationship! And the boys definitely earned watching a bunch of movies!
3/27 c33 Henkdeplank
Yes, simply yes. Cant explain how much i love this story. They are gonna be the best florist in the archipelago i just know it;).
Wouldve been sweet if hiccup actually mentioned (out loud, yes cheesy who cares)something about astrids blue eyes. Lol
2/20 c33 20Carl Solo
Ahhhh... they finally found a house cool. I just hope that is not hunted... LOL

I saw that you put that you're writing ch36, so do you have an idea of how many chapters the story is going to have?
2/9 c33 dinochickrox
AAAAAAHHHHHHH! They’ve officially found a place!
2/7 c33 4CajunBear73
A very good step for those two as they get a place of their own in the cottage.

Hope there's many great days ahead for them and all they have in their lives...

2/7 c32 CajunBear73
Quite the abrupt return to a rough part of his past, but Snotlout's starting to get solid ground underfoot...figuratively...

And that Hiccup was called to help, says a lot of how he's going to get through this.

2/5 c32 20Carl Solo
Hope you post the next one soon
2/5 c31 Carl Solo
Lovely chapter I can't wait for hiccup ask her to married him. Going towards you last chapter hope you post a new one soon. Marry Christmas for you too.
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