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12/25/2018 c19 2StefWrites
Ah! They said it. This was...Brilliant. Amazing. Wonderful. Stunning. Cute. Beautiful. YES. (I loved that Thesaurus part lol so funny). Gosh, Merry Christmas to meee! What a great surprise. Happy Holidays! :)
12/25/2018 c19 aaquater
There was indeed fire, despite the resolution they'd given each other. Just perhaps not the sort that would set off the smoke alarm.
12/25/2018 c19 Kallen21
Can't wait for the next chapter
12/25/2018 c19 9Da-yeong
On a scale of 1-10 from meh to incredibly adorable this was a 600
12/25/2018 c19 4CajunBear73
Taking a chance, because tomorrow's not guaranteed, they say what their hearts have been singing for a while, yet were scared voice.

A lot of little moments that said more than their sums...yet helped create a big picture of their love for each other.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
12/25/2018 c19 2Rosiejo02
12/17/2018 c18 BlackKrow
I need more of this amazing story! Take your time though, life things are more important than updating. Hope everything's fine by the way.
12/12/2018 c18 2HiraethsRain
Yassssss honey you take all the time you need
11/26/2018 c18 Queeninbrown
There are so many things i wanna say omg (p.s. my name is my tumblr )
1. I absolutely adore your story. Ive been following it and checking for updates and literally every chapter takes me on a rollercoaster of emotions and i can so relate? Like having a crush/being in a relationship feels exactly like this and i have no idea how you write it so beautifully! And the funny thing is, when hiccup and Astrid were crushing on each other, i was crushing on someone and after they got together, i got in a relationship so thanks to you! I love your writing! Please don’t ever stop!
2. I can’t thank you enough for chapter 18; i started crying reading that omg. I’m bi too and my mom isnt exactly okay with it and idk just thanks for including that chapter, especially when snot was doubting himself and hiccup comforted him
11/18/2018 c18 Guest
Bruh you like the best writer ever
Also congrats on uni and moving! No pressure on updating this fic (however much that pains me) and live your life how you want to
Take your time, you beautiful human specimen
Xxxxxxxxxxx i LoVe yOu
11/19/2018 c18 marteeey
11/18/2018 c18 2Rosiejo02
This is my favourite story on this whole site! P.S please don’t swear!
11/18/2018 c18 aaquater
Gobber is seriously the best. I'm not sure if Astrid found out about Snotlout's situation, but I'm really glad for the last scene, for he looked to be much better. And witnessing something like that would've been yet another proof that life can move on and be nice even without Spitelouts in it.
11/18/2018 c18 4Smoe05
What fun. This chapter felt like a collection of mini stories about the lives of a trio of firefighting misfits. Granted the main story focuses on Hiccup, the arc with Snotlout and Fishlegs is catching traction for sure. I wasn’t sure which way he oriented but this has indeed settled the speculation. As for the inspiration behind it, I’m sensing some Thor Bonecrusher vibesThough the dark side of Spitelout was definitely unexpected, a great element of development for sure, just unexpected.
The asthma joke... ‘breathtaking’ blue eyes? I’m guessing that was the pun. I’m not particularly strong in the humour department so it took a little while for me to get it.
Time is it’s own reward, take what you need to progress.
Until then we await the next chapter of your “Fun with firemen” anthology.
Fun with firemen? Hmm, what about “The Uncle, the Cousin and the Fishbone”
Wait no, “Two guys and a Hotman”... I dunno anymore. This story is just a ton of fun :D
11/17/2018 c18 9Da-yeong
Ummm?. This was adorable and it's not like I was surprised! I feel so sorry for snot though
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