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2/5 c32 20Carl Solo
Hope you post the next one soon
2/5 c31 Carl Solo
Lovely chapter I can't wait for hiccup ask her to married him. Going towards you last chapter hope you post a new one soon. Marry Christmas for you too.
2/2 c30 Carl Solo
Yes it was very nice even though the fire was a little scary. Glad that everyone get out right.
1/30 c29 Carl Solo
Very romantic and lovely.
1/29 c28 Carl Solo
Oh nice chapter, and the end was so cool.
1/25 c27 Carl Solo
Nice chapter.
1/16 c32 dinochickrox
Love the cousin bond that Hiccup and Snotlout have!
1/9 c31 Tohka123
Enjoying the story, keep up the hard work
1/5 c23 Carl Solo
Nice chapter, I not going to add any suggestions since this is ch23 and your on ch31 so I bet all that was resolved already.
1/2 c20 Carl Solo
Yeah, it was about time. I saw in the end that this chapter was out in the end of 2019. Wow this story is a way back.
12/28/2023 c18 Carl Solo
Hi, do you know how many chapters for this story you planing to make?
12/18/2023 c15 Carl Solo
Nice chapter. Oh and you put snotlous be a gay guy... Interesting. About the final comment at the end I think that not everyone will find a mach in this world. But who know miracle can happen sometime. :)
12/15/2023 c31 4CajunBear73
What each means to the other grows stronger in the aftermath of the fire...

12/15/2023 c31 dinochickrox
Every “I love you” was so sweet!
12/9/2023 c14 20Carl Solo
Nice chapter, and I wonder what Astrid write. LoL
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