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12/5/2023 c13 20Carl Solo
It was about time. How a man can have a girlfriend, sleep with her in the same bed and not kissing her yet. That is for Astrid too since she has more experience than him. LoL

Anyway nice chapter.
12/5/2023 c30 dinochickrox
“My love”, so sappy I love it!
12/4/2023 c30 4CajunBear73
While planning on another stage of their lives, Hiccup's day job and Astrid's part in it, shake him to his core and leave her assured of his love for her...

Hope they can get that place Hiccup called for...They're gonna need the sprawl it can provide them...

11/30/2023 c10 20Carl Solo
Yeah I can see it those. I thought when hiccup asked her to be his girlfriend, he was going to finally kiss her... But no. Oh man... This is great story but is killing me. LoL
11/27/2023 c9 Carl Solo
I wonder if hiccup just wanted to buy new clothes or just have something to wear because his clothes are dirty. And also what they're wanting for... Is about time to have their first kiss.
11/26/2023 c29 dinochickrox
This chapter definitely has THE perfect amount of fluff and cheese!
11/24/2023 c29 4CajunBear73
Away from distractions and things that ensnare their lives, Astrid and Hiccup unwind and entwine themselves as they take steps toward their future together...


11/21/2023 c7 20Carl Solo
Ha this chapter answers my question in when the last chapter was posted. Wow I can't believe this story is so old since we're now in 2023. Anyway I like this story is so cool.
11/20/2023 c6 Carl Solo
Nice chapter, I don't know what year this chapter was posted but happy Christmas. Is now thanksgiving week in 2023. So happy Thanksgiving.
11/17/2023 c4 Carl Solo
Nice chapter, I guess things are moving good for hiccup and Astrid. I like the twins they're so funny
11/16/2023 c2 Carl Solo
Nice chapter, this look like a great story to read.
11/15/2023 c1 Carl Solo
Oh this looks like a good story. Is funny to see how many time a stove can be burned out. LoL
11/15/2023 c28 dinochickrox
11/13/2023 c28 4CajunBear73
Nice weekender for those two as they deepen their relationship...

And after coming to several conclusions and realizations, Hiccup asks for another to be considered...

Wonder how Astrid's going to take that last one...

11/13/2023 c27 CajunBear73
From a very jagged break from the past, to a future still gaining its legs...

Snotlout's gonna be ok...

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