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for Bantering Through Christmas

2/18/2018 c1 12ghostwritten2
This is delightful. I love Erik and the Daroga. You caught both of their voices excellently.
1/14/2018 c1 lewovo
Lovely story! Always like to see some Erik&Daroga relationship (and Darius too!)
1/1/2018 c1 9Gloriana Femina
Great Erik and Daroga friendship! Congrats for getting Most True to Leroux in the one-shot contest!
12/19/2017 c1 4Rainbow Pierrot
So sweet and beautiful T.T
12/18/2017 c1 45Igenlode Wordsmith
I think I mentioned before that "ein Schal" - in this context - is a "scarf" in English; a "shawl" is a (usually triangular) garment worn by women ("eine Stola"). When your Erik is described as wearing a shawl, the mental image is always rather disconcerting :-D

Of course Erik is like the Invisible Man - the colder the weather outside, the more he looks just the same as everyone else!
No, he would certainly not volunteer to help in the case of a carriage accident... the last thing he wants is to draw attention to himself in any case, even if he *did* feel like being unselfishly heroic. Which he doesn't ;-)

Did people put up "ridiculous tawdry decorations" outdoors in nineteenth-century Paris? (Or maybe Erik is looking in though the windows of the houses - my mental image here was of flashing reindeer lights on garages, etc...)

Erik's opinion of carol-singing: a very unsuitable environment for the precious human voice!
I suspect carol-singers of the era, like any other street performers, expected to keep any money for *themselves* - or even to be paid to go away - rather than being tolerated on the grounds that they were doing it 'for charity' :-p

Apparently it hasn't occurred to Erik to wonder why someone might feel the need to keep buying the newest and best locks where he was concerned :-)
Or, apparently, to try just knocking on the door like everyone else when he wants to come in...

I can just see Erik deliberately insisting on celebrating Christmas in Persia in order to make a nuisance of himself! And now the consequences come back to annoy him :-)
Of course the Persian's flat is the one place in Paris where no-one ought to be interested in Christmas (well, apart from the houses of the Jews).

"you may even stay for the roast lamp" - I did actually wonder for a moment if this was some surreal joke of the Daroga's, but then I realised it was a typo for roast lamb...

Yes, as a musician Erik would definitely want to avoid getting cold in the joints of his fingers, especially as he gets older.

"Alcohol?" he asked, wondering - didn't the request "make it strong" rather imply that Erik was expecting alcohol (and indeed, asking for plenty of it)?

Erik wins the "largest number of sins" contest without even trying - or caring :-(

"do you really read such stupid trashy novels" - although apparently Erik does ;-p
But he's right, of course, that the book is clearly written as a crusading polemic in order to produce the result desired by the author...

"I tried to buy friendship and love. It does not work" - and we see him try this again in canon, showering Christine with dresses and flowers and music and missing the problem that you can't *manipulate* people into liking you, and that in fact manipulation is counterproductive :-(

"and if he had to" - even if he had to

The one way to get Erik to co-operate is to threaten him with bad music :-)
But the Daroga is very lucky to get a professional performance in his sitting-room.

I wonder if Erik knows that the Daroga knows the truth behind all his complaining? Probably not; I doubt that Erik realises that much about himself, let alone about other people.
But at least he has the reassurance of believing that he has thoroughly expressed his disgust at the concept of Christmas to his own satisfaction ;-)

I like the little scene of Darius and his master talking as equals; of course they are fellow exiles in a strange land, dealing with foreign customs (and all the preparations must have been a great deal of extra work for Darius!)
12/14/2017 c1 11emeraldphan
A great story! The friendship between the Persian and Erik is sometimes hard to understand but they have a lot of shared history together. I'm glad Erik could go somewhere for Christmas, away from his cellar, and spend time with someone who knows him well enough to tolerate him..
Not sure I agree with his interpretation of A Christmas Carol though - I think Erik needs to be visited by three spirits...
12/14/2017 c1 Gaby1964
Bravo ! Das war amüsant und gleichzeitig berührend ... ich nehme an, der Perser hat bloß wegen Erik so übermäßig dekoriert, und ja, das war's wert ! Ein schöner Abend für zwei einsame ältere Herren :)
12/13/2017 c1 41AmadErik
I so love Erik/Daroga fics, and this Xmas fic of yours is even better than in last yearLove the conversation between the friends
12/11/2017 c1 MyNina
First of all I was very happy to see your new story! As always, you described your characters very detailled ans especially the description of the two old and lonesome men was more than heartwarming...
Yes, Erik may appear grumpy and unthankful, but the old Daroga knows too well about his facade!
I loved the typical Leroux style, because I favor these two characters so very much! There is no netter way to enjoy Christmas time than by sitting with a glass of punch and reading such a great story like yours!
Best regards, Nina
12/11/2017 c1 Topsy
Loved your story, read it while sitting in front of my own fire watching the snow come down
12/10/2017 c1 labdelmar
Very sweet! I could read Erik and Nadir banter forever. You captured both of them very well.
12/10/2017 c1 2LadyLuly
I love the curmudgeonly banter and the underlying closeness you have between Erik and Nadir, and I enjoyed the Dickens shout-out too. Perfect short-and-sweet holiday read :)
12/10/2017 c1 28Not A Ghost3
Haha- that ending was priceless! Very sweet! (And your Erik was spot on!)
12/10/2017 c1 10angelofnight
That was so fun!

I'm tempted to challenge you into writing the story you are currently playing out with me. LOL.

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