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9/15 c1 1Kyria Greene
Beautiful story! Loved the accountability for Dumbledore without bashing.
8/12 c1 python73
A really good fic with unique elements. And somehow I didn't hate Luna! Amazing. Thanks!
7/30 c1 johnny99
Fascinating story, reminded me at times of a fairytale with its almost dream-like qualities (particularly the beginning). Thanks for writing!
7/17 c1 1buterflypuss
3 3 3
7/1 c1 Ryuuze
This was beautiful, well and truly. I now hunger for more "turned into something that we have no name for" stuff..
6/28 c1 1emmabean78
this was lovely to read
6/19 c1 Lolkar
It was interesting and good, but that second Triwizard tournament was weird. It went from serious to that. And how did they have sex?
5/18 c1 FAKE-ROB
so fuking good work¬°
5/17 c1 23stevem1
This was a great story. Very heart warming, a lot sad and a bit funny.

Am I wrong in thinking that Harry now looks more like a Balrog?
4/28 c1 7q.thews
A weird interesting one, maybe a little anticlimatic.
[minispoiler] Interesting aunt - niece relationship...
Thank you for sharing.
4/20 c1 4Wackuhdoodle
Am I wrong in assuming he looks like a Grimm from RWBY?
3/6 c1 Guest
Great story
2/2 c1 Terracotta Tortilla
This is very good.
1/20 c1 sakurainue
Magníficoa historia, gracias por compartir.
1/18 c1 Gazuzin
A very interesting fic, short and sweet. The stuff with the second tournament was confusing, but Lunamort was really nice
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