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for Trust Issues

2/5/2019 c2 3Lovejoypeas
Really liked this story! You've captured the personalities of both Fusco & Reese very well, and the whole scenario seems like it would fit into the series. Great surprise ending. :)
3/29/2018 c2 2nomdeplume30
Holy crap! That was awesome. And the end really was heartbreaking.
2/27/2018 c1 27ElliQuinn
Just discovered this little gem! Loved to hear Lionel's voice, and the image of him at the end talking to Carter in the cemetery and realizing that the whole thing was addressed to her was masterful. Thanks for sharing this.
12/13/2017 c2 Guest
Impressive! Thanks for the "English" variant.
12/12/2017 c2 9McMoni
Well done! I liked both versions of the story. Second one is easier to read but the first is truly Fusco's voice. It rings very true. Also, I love how you portray the friendship between Fusco and Reese, true to both their characters and the show.
Very action-packed and nicely paced, I couldn't stop reading it!
Thanks for sharing!
12/12/2017 c2 1Rania760
Absolutely wonderful. Much violence, much pain, and a great friendship between this stunning John and Fusco. How do you do that? Talented. Kisses

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