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6/18 c48 xan-merrick
Great chapter as always can't wait for more.
6/13 c48 TSFreedom
Great chapter and story so far .
6/2 c3 Robbler
I can't believe I never realised this, because I've read this a couple of times now, but isn't it Rivers? Not Waters?
5/27 c5 14Sweet Trufflepuff
I honestly don't know how you are accomplishing this...all the characters, who remembers and who doesn't, what they would do with the foreknowledge...but you are. You are doing it and doing well. And I HATE time travel stories. This is excellent.
5/23 c48 moonstar99
Eek! So excited to see you had posted a new chapter! Absolutely loved the Maester bits! I’m so hooked on this story, I’ve re-read it countless times
5/23 c48 7raw666
Keep up the excellent work
5/21 c48 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
5/20 c48 Trey of the rebellion
Eagerly looking forward to the next chapter!
5/19 c48 Bella-swan11
Qyburn may have found a way to prove that you will be loyal to Jon Targaryen, if you are friends with Luwin and help him find the evidence of his crimes left by the previous master of winterfell; It would be a start for them to trust you. Samwell you do the right thing by protecting Lady Forrester, since Magaery has shown that she is not capable of protecting her; now you must prepare the entire kingdom in your charge for war.
Tormund needs Mance to help you make Igritte understand that her history with Jon must remain in the past, because Daenerys loves Jon and will not tolerate Igritte wanting to get close to Jon; it is for Igritte's sake that she has to close the chapter of her life that she had with Jon. Bran you must use your magic in favor of the living, this time you can help save the children of the forest; now at last Brynden can rest in peace.
Varys hasn't shown up so far, maybe you're looking for dragon eggs for Jon; it's just a theory. You leave, you take care that your little birds spread the truth of the love and marriage between Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna, you can imagine Robert's reaction when he sees that everyone realizes that he lied; since Lyanna never loved him.
5/19 c48 44Black' Victor Cachat
Nice symbolism with the Bloodraven's visions :-)

Non-time traveler: Did anything GOOD happen in the future?
Time Traveler: Well that Gilly's kid was adorable, and Arya Stark had this really cute thing with a blacksmith. Other than that...

Interesting conversation with Qyburn and Luwin, and touching on their characters.
5/19 c48 CynicArchon
i have just reread the entire fic to this point, its even better a second time
5/19 c48 shushanepa
This is easily my favourite fic so far. Great chapter and looking forward to future updates.
5/19 c48 anja.quickert.9
5/19 c48 4Supremus85
I hope they leave poor Olyvar free soon enought since he is innocent. And I want to see Tyrion's revenge on the maester. Nice chapter.
5/18 c48 Kitsuna G
I'm so happy to see an update I'm so into this story it's just so well done.
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