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8/25/2020 c30 3WhiteElfElder
I just bet that the Queen's speech is going to cause problems.
8/24/2020 c30 1buterflypuss
good chap
6/13/2020 c5 3Greatazuredragon
This is turning hilarious, good work! XD
6/8/2020 c29 1buterflypuss
Decent chap
6/8/2020 c29 3WhiteElfElder
The time travel bit is giving me a headache...
3/1/2020 c28 176Firehedgehog
3/1/2020 c28 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder what the stained glass floor showed? It seems that they found some kind of well, or really broke reality.
3/1/2020 c28 1buterflypuss
decent chap
3/1/2020 c28 6Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
Oh my gosh, you got their characters spot on. Don’t think I don’t realize what this means for Ron. If his hair is aqua blue then that just means that Ginny is going to be playing the role of Amy Rose. I’m also going to go ahead and point out what everyone in the story will realize later on...This whole thing with the “Kudzu” was just a distraction.
2/29/2020 c22 22Katzztar
A ruined manor in Wiltshire? Well I know that at least the Malfoys home was in Wiltshire. Also in the sorting one student expected a name but it wasn't called, so the student stated they suspect he went to another school. Obviously, the name they expected to hear but didn't was Malfoy. I remember in canon, Draco saying his father had once wanted to send him to Durmstrang. So I was thinking that's what happened here. But this? I did not expect that the Malfoy manor be in ruins like that. Now I'm wondering what's going on with the Malfoys.
And who's the little boy?
2/29/2020 c10 Katzztar
Now THIS is an AU! All too often fanfics will change a few things about Harry's childhood and his personality but not change things once he's at Hogwarts. At most they may change his house but not other things like teachers and the sorting hat's singing.

Interesting to see Hannah and Susan are not friends here and ...was that part with the twins having Blaize join them?

I noticed that Snape was NOT listed as potions or defense professor. I realize I still got 10-12 chapters to go through so maybe it will be addressed what happened to him. Or maybe not, as it wasn't addressed how Dursleys deal with Harry's blue hair. I can't see Petunia leaving it as is. She'd either try to (and fail) to shave him bald or try to dye it a ordinary color.
1/31/2020 c27 3WhiteElfElder
It doesn't seem like Harry is doing much of anything for helping the world.
1/31/2020 c24 WhiteElfElder
So many plots going on, and hidden dangers.
1/31/2020 c17 WhiteElfElder
Is all of this because of Harry's wish magic?
1/30/2020 c7 WhiteElfElder
Was anything that should have belonged to Harry taken?
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