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6/15/2019 c10 46Stealth Photographer
I always wanted to see more Chiaki/Sonia interactions
2/16/2019 c11 1Jikanet -The Assassin
Can we get more?, I still wanna know what's next
1/29/2019 c6 Angeloflight324
Poor Hajime/Izuru and chiaki suffering from night terrors, I just want to hug them. But at least they have each other. They're so cute
I don't know if Hajime/Izuru watching chiaki sleep is kinda cute or a bit weird, well at least he doesn't watch her sleep all night, like Edward from twilight.
I don't know why but for some reason I can imagine if chiaki goes to a sleepover with her female friends Hajime/Izuru will feel lonely and a little jealous.
Anyway adorable chapter.
1/29/2019 c5 Angeloflight324
I love this chapter.
The way you handled mikan and hiyoki (can't spell Satan name LOL) is just brilliant. I love how you made mahiru apologise to mikan, I always find it weird that she didn't call out the demon child rudness to everyone. Are you going doing other one shot of class 77 waking up from the NWP, or when the 5 survivors wake up from NWP?
1/29/2019 c4 Angeloflight324
I kinda feel bad for kaziuchi, but yet again he had that coming. It kinda annoyed me that kaziuchi didn't apologise to hajame in the game. I'm really happy of how you handle kaziuchi crush on Sonia and being rejected by her.
Kaziuchi the reason it is ok for chiaki to hold on her love is because she isn't overly obsess with hajame/Izuru.
1/16/2019 c11 uHajimeme1

Ah, but small jokes aside, this chapter was as well written as the rest of Expansion Pack and Extra Life. So needless to say, the only flaws I'd be able to find is if you forgot a space somewhere.
1/14/2019 c10 61sephiroth12285
I enjoyed the friendship between Sonia and Chiaki, and I do agree I can see them bonding especially if they play horror games together given that its fits to her interests.

Her distress at her actions as an Ultimate Despair was a nice touch, but the crowning moment of this chapter was the scene between the Dark Queen and his King. Nothing is going to tear those two apart now :)
1/14/2019 c11 sephiroth12285
I wouldn't worry a chapter like this is good since it slows everyone still has their vulnerable sides, even the toughest of the group are no exception.

Especially since I cannot only imagine the emotional damage killing her own siblings did to her, which was made worse by the fact once they recovered from their brainwashing.
12/24/2018 c11 53TheTrueOverlordBear
Man, it's hard to make characters complex when the plot's too tight for such, alright! Though at the very least, canon leaves us some nice room for imagination! But you probably knew that already, no? Anyway, thinking about it, Akane certainly has the potential to be developed like how Mondo was. And actually, I think this is where I can see the differences in quality among the plots of the Hope's Peak Saga, especially the first and second games'. As far as I remember, the first game hits harder with its characters who have individualized flaws that are quite raw and clear, but the second game feels more...well, collective. And maybe Hajime-centered. And maybe they can also be described like this: The first game's more like "What are you willing to lose to get out?," while the second game's more "What do you really have going for you to live on well?," though to be honest, I feel like the second game falls somewhat short there, especially considering the treatment of the characters. I guess that's what the DR3 anime was made for as well, then, but even so, that one also ended up with some waterdowns as it tried to work up both those questions I mentioned even further at the same time. Anyway, yeah, good job, and, uh, apologies for the rambling. Welp.
12/23/2018 c11 12Ramix

Now I'm sad :(
12/23/2018 c11 6Fallenstreet01
Merry Chrismas and thanks for the chapter gift!
I really felt the seasonal vibes in it!
Heartful, cute, short and emotional with a sorrowful air in the background... just like real life.
So Akane killed her siblings with her own bare hands, huh? One time I read a theory that Despair!Akane actually made her siblings starve to death but this one is also perfectly valid.
Anyways, I don't know if this will be your last chapter of the year or not, but unless you come up with another one I bid you a Merry Chrismas, a Joyful Kwanza, Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!
12/23/2018 c11 13TheAngelicPyro
Oh man, tugging at my heartstrings with this chapter.
12/22/2018 c11 55MythGirl Writes
I really like that this was an Akane-focused chapter. I always felt her character wasn't anything more than food and fighting, but you expanded so well on that. This was a really good chapter. Thank you!
12/18/2018 c9 Guest
Oh wow this story. That got my heart strings.
12/18/2018 c3 Guest
Awww that was nice! I liked that. Shame Chiaki lost the other fights.
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