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5/25/2019 c3 3AnneWithAnEStory
Awww I love that Fred is like I'm shy and awkward but now that I have Diana by my side I feel confident. So cute.
Anne giving Fred dance lessons was just an awww moment.
"Looks like we'll be grandparents before spring" was a really funny comment. Poor Fred and Diana, funny but embarrassing lol.
Hahaha that Anne immediately thought Gilbert was meaning should we try kissing too when he was really meaning should we try dancing lol
5/25/2019 c2 AnneWithAnEStory
I like how you tied in the bit about Anne studying ettiquete when she arrived at Green gables and have a more insight into it.

Wow, everything you wrote about Gilbert's thought process was just so deep, emotional, meaningful, and he came to this revelation that made his view of Anne shift. She didn't change, but the lens he saw her through did. Wow.

I love that you created a wedding disaster in order to give Gilbert and Anne a few moments alone :)

The thing about electricity, I read that a couple times before reviewing, it was I love the way Anne describes electricity as being alive and how she felt that from him and
5/25/2019 c1 AnneWithAnEStory
Oooh I really like this.
I love that Gilbert got the information about Anne breaking up with Roy by overhearing it. That always makes for a more interesting story. I love how you phrased it as the unmistakable silver laughter ..that was just really sweet, showing how Gilbert feels about hearing her voice.
Diana and Anne talking about how men in the city act differently from the ones in Avonlea is interesting too.
Diana "encouraging Anne with her eyes" was a neat line!
I like how Diana had kissed Fred and it was a big deal that she had done that, as someone not too comfortable with intimate contact, I kinda wish we could be back in the days where you were expected not to be too close while dating.
It was funny how Anne said if you must know and then you as the writer describe Diana as 'who indeed did need to know' lol
It's interesting Gil heard Anne's story about having that Cinderella moment with the shoe, it'll be interesting to know if he does it and if she ever knows why .
What was interesting too was that Gilbert was incredulous that Anne could describe herself as passionless, because that let us know that he is seeing her with passion.
I love that last line, it just was worded in such a pretty way :)
3/9/2019 c6 Aoggfan
That kiss scene was epic! Such a beautiful fic. I hope you will continue with this story someday!
12/21/2018 c6 6DrinkThemIn
My dear, will you finish please?
12/7/2018 c6 TheLittleCatmole
I hope there’ll be another update soon!
10/25/2018 c6 eluschka
This story is sooo beautiful! Please, continue with it, I so wanna know how they will make it up to the love-relationship ️
9/13/2018 c6 Guest
It's incredibly disappointing you appear to have abandoned this fic as it's one of the best written I've read on here for a while.
9/5/2018 c6 DrinkThemIn
Ahhh don't leave us hanging at the good point!
8/25/2018 c6 Guest
It's such a shame you seem to have abandoned this story as it was building very nicely. I hope you come back to it at some point.
7/28/2018 c6 netherfield2000
Please continue updating soon. Awesome story.
6/23/2018 c6 2Kim Blythe
Oh, the friendship zone is back on, once more...

Now tell me, are Anne and Gilbert while writing letters to each other that summer, will admit that they want something more, like those kisses that they shared together, and much more, and also admit and declare and profess their love to each other...

I want to know !
6/23/2018 c5 Kim Blythe
The construction of this chapter was perfect !

First, with Anne and Gilbert, no words were spoken between them, only actions and gestures were made, as Gilbert was showing Anne, as her friend, how a real kiss feels like...

And, my, my, my, Anne had a taste of her desires just right then and there.

I could say the same for Gilbert !

And second, you had Fred and Diana going on the same place that Fred had proposed to Diana, only for them to be the witnesses of Anne and Gilbert's very first kiss !

I just loved this chapter so much...
6/23/2018 c4 Kim Blythe
This fairy tale magic story of yours really is enchanting me !
6/8/2018 c3 Kim Blythe
How can a passionate kiss, between a husband and a wife, be thought as scandalous, by Diana's mother... It is true that back then, I've often heard and read that affectionate gestures and romantic attentions should only be left when the lovers, couples, are hidden in their bedroom...

I was so happy that Diana and Fred were so lost in their own world, while dancing together, that they shared that passionate kiss, in front of everyone !

You did not just do that... Tell me that you will be making Gilbert to run after Anne, catch up with her, so that he could tell her that Christine has a fiancé, back home, that it is not with him that she is engaged...
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