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6/8/2018 c2 2Kim Blythe
My, my, my, if only one small touch with Gil's finger at Anne's wrist made her feel so much electricity already, I cannot wait to read the rest of your story, to know how Gilbert's many touches and more, will feel like !
6/8/2018 c1 Kim Blythe
How glad I am that Anne realised soon enough that Roy wasn't exactly the perfect man for her...

How glad I was that Gilbert heard the conversation between Diana and Anne, now knowing that Anne is single once more, now wanting to court her and show her how a perfect romance is lived !
5/14/2018 c6 anonymous1775
Sage advice indeed... I loved the bit between Gilbert and his father.
I've only just discovered this story and I love it! Can't wait until the next chapter!
5/14/2018 c6 AvonleaRoses
Loving this story so far, I hope that you are going to continue with it!
5/7/2018 c5 roselinh
Okay wow, I don’t know what I was expecting from this story, but it wasn’t that! I’ll take it though, it was beautiful
I’m still wondering where the fairytale element/scientist Gilbert are going to come in because it seems like one conversation is all it should take to get them on the same page? (Or one letter ? I’m looking forward to reading the letter that makes her blush )
Thank you so much for this story, and I can’t wait to see where you take it next! Xx
4/24/2018 c6 2xXBrittyBabeXx
Absolutely loving this so far! I cannot wait to see what happens when they see each other again. Keep up the great work.
4/20/2018 c6 AnneNGil
I am so glad to see an update! I was so worried you weren't going to continue this story and I was thinking of PMing you to see if I could do anything to help you. - - not that I'm a fiction writer, but I would have done what I could. I've been on the edge of my seat with this story! When I saw it posted, I read it right away! Though apologies for only just commenting now. I wasn't in a conducive place before.

Anyway, soooo much to love here.
1)Gilbert's smile as he thinks back to Anne's lips. 2)His conversation with his dad. 3)John Blythe's powers of perception. 4)Gilbert gathering Anne's hairs, that glimpse in the future-both of the red and white haired Anne, and 5)of that letter I can't wait to read!

And on the Anne-side of things...
A)Fred walking around like the cat that got the cream (must have followed Charlie's advice. Snort!). B)"Does this have the Blythe flavour'" I about choked! This was so hilarious and may be the best line ever written. C) John in fits of laughter over the whole thing. D) Anne and her dizzying stubbornness and cluelessness -though I think she knows she wants to be with Gilbert, but how can she question being too late? Really Anne? Do you really think Gil just wants to be friends?... But I know, his letter was confusing.

Questions I have:
1)It's a bit confusing to me what happened or didn't happen with Diana. Was it Anne who got the letters and brought them to Di, but then Di couldn't ask Anne about the kiss because Fred was hanging around? I read that section a couple of times.

2) I'm thinking about the shoes that broke that night. Are they still part of the story? They were very fairytale ish. I'm wondering if they will make another appearance. Though, if this isn't part of your plan, I think that's fine too.

I don't remember the Nancy Macpherson story. I may have to reread some Anne of Ingleside.

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this! Well done and I can't wait for the next!
4/19/2018 c6 3Lavinia Maxwell
I thought that Anne was coming to terms with the kiss until the end. Ahhhhh, Gilbert likes you more than a friend. I can't wait to read more! I laughing at John Blythe! He knows what his son has been up to!
4/19/2018 c6 5LizzyEastwood
It's my humble opinion that one can never go wrong with a Gilbert/John Blythe heart to heart... and I loved it! It was just as I thought it would be. I mostly like their show of camaraderie mixed with the ever so subtle parental concern. You walked that line their adult relationship very well. And I have to say I loved confused Anne for a bit. It was fitting. But I also liked how her realization of her feelings came with that certainty... and now comes the haunting what ifs for her. I imagine this will be quite a reunion with Gilbert soon. Looking forward to it!
4/19/2018 c6 77kslchen
Sorry for being late to the party. I was busy wilting today. The cat actually seems to have liquefied into a puddle. (Seriously, 30 degree in mid-April? It's absurd!)

I loved Gilbert trying to sneak home after an eventful night, like so many young people all over the world have done and still do. It makes him so... normal, somehow. And who would he run into but his father (also like so many young people all over the world). John sure has fun teasing him, but it's a loving teasing and it's so evident how happy he is for his son. And Gilbert himself is absolutely lovely here. He's clearly walking on air, but willing to reign in his own hopes and wishes to ensure Anne's happiness. I just hope he doesn't reign himself in *too* much. He does suffer from a rather severe case of "knight in shining armour-syndrome" after all, as we all know so very well.
In any case, that little glimpse into the future at the end of the Gilbert scene was lovely and very meaningful (even if I find that Victorian obsession with hair jewellery to be rather creepy, to be honest).

If Anne's bit gave you trouble, it certainly didn't show. There are all kinds of lovely details in this, beginning with Diana and Fred's glee at being married to Mrs Lynde and her apple tart, from Mr Blythe knowing too much and Mrs Blythe already trying to forge a bond with Anne. Anne herself, is her usual self in this, as stubborn as Gilbert is chivalric. I am glad that she has figured out that you don't kiss friends like *that* (I wouldn't have put it past her to convince herself even of that!), but of course with her and Gilbert, nothing can ever be straightforward. I guess chummy letter are better than no letters at all, though, so I will content myself for the time being and instead focus on her musings about how Gilbert is the one person she turns to for advice and on "Gil-... whoever she was married to". Telling, that!
4/19/2018 c6 NotMrsRachelLynde
What a lovely follow up to your last chapter which may be one of my favorite fanfic chapters ever! I hope that Anne and Gil can be brave enough to face their feelings and share with each other. Can’t wait for your next update!
4/19/2018 c6 TooTiredtoReadEnough
This definitely doesn't read like you have struggled with it!
Gilbert and his father was a delight to read, with John being so insightful and Gilbert happy but still uncertain as to Anne's feelings and knowing he has not verbally articulated his own to her.
Anne still seems in denial to herself as to her feelings ("Gil... whoever she married", "unspoken was the awakening realization...") and it might be a good thing that they can continue their friendship out of the knowing gaze of both Avonlea and Redmond through chatty, frequently exchanged letters.
It's also delightful seeing Anne's discombobulation at the the response of Diana, Fred and John Blythe, who know (enough) of what happened, but Anne herself doesn't know they know! It will be an interesting conversation between Diana and Anne when Di manages to tell her that kissing like that would be an 'Avonlea engagement'
4/18/2018 c6 42oz diva
I loved John Blythe here. He's such an excellent father. Knowing, non-judgemental, happy for his son. Remembering his time at that age. Gilbert says he should have been a doctor with those powers of observation. I was thinking he should have been a detective.

I liked that Gilbert collected Anne's stray hairs, and the jump forward years to her using them in his fob watch. A reminder that these two will eventually get there.

I liked the glimpse of John being proud at the way Anne turned out despite her past. The phrase It takes a village, coming to the fore here. What was Diana so keen to tell Anne about, did you answer that? Rachel and the apple tarts was hilarious, as was John's reaction. Down boy!

Anne seems perplexed by the kiss, which is particularly stupid of her. I mean if I got as good a kiss as that, I'd be married yesterday. No wonder she was so annoying for you. Now they're writing breezy letters to each other. It's as though the kiss has set them back, rather than promoting their relationship. Arrgghhh.
4/18/2018 c6 10Excel Aunt
I had to go back and reread that kiss! I didn't remember Gilbert kissing her hand at the end of the night. When you revisited that moment here it swooned me, and I thought, how did I miss that. But there is really quite a bit from that kiss that is recalled in this chapter. Anne's tasting apples as Mrs. Lynde deftly asks, "does this have the Blythe flavor?" Of course, I remember Anne thinking Gil tasted of apples-strawberry apples to be precise.

Do you realize how many allusions you make to the color red? The apples, the bruised lips, the threads of Anne's hair. Even the bride's appearance following the wedding suggests virginal red, with Fred walking around as 'the cat that got the cream'. Anne's future blush also says RED and Gilbert striding around with the token near his heart.

Already Anne's thinking has moved Gilbert out of the friend's zone. Even if Gilbert still can't quite believe it, they are in love! Although it might be a bumpier ride that they thought.

So I googled, "What does red symbolize?" And I think you'll like this response.

"Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrance, radiance, and determination"
4/18/2018 c6 NovemberRainbow
Yay! This was lovely, just how they should've landed back to earth after thát night.
John Blythe rocks. A man of few words but when he talks he's spot on. He knows his apples...mrs. Lynde and Anne and the Blythe flavour indeed ;)
Good call from Gil in taking a step back and letting Anne figure her feelings out. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
Btw, you know what's funny, in AoI it looks like LMM made a mistake with mrs. Skinners' name. First it was Amelia, but afterwards it turned to Sarah. It was not corrected during editing or explained. But that was a fun ride for Anne indeed :)
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