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12/12/2017 c1 10Excel Aunt
Your author note had me in stitches before I got to the chapter-’Shoe of Dreams’ that's funny!.

Just when Gilbert resolves to push thoughts of Anne to back of his mind he happens on to overhearing some of Anne’s thoughts on Roy and kissing and the right man! What a conversation Gilbert is overhearing—almost makes him a voyeur!

But I will trust that his knowing these little, sweet details, will help him woo Anne to be his! Although, I do not fancy Gilbert changing for Anne. I always felt that the beauty of Anne and Gilbert was their strong personalities working together and not making too many concessions. Anne is great on her own as is Gilbert, but when they decide to be together, that’s the magic! I don’t want Gilbert (or Anne) to become less of themselves to fit some notion of romance!

I am glad you started this story, please continue it! Great job!
12/12/2017 c1 15MrsVonTrapp
Ooh this is wonderful!

I love being in Gilbert's head at all times, no more so than when he is trying to figure out and second guess and contemplate a plan... He is just lovely here. The open window device for Important Overhead Conversations is inspired. I really liked Mrs Wright's bossiness... poor Gilbert; buck up and get your shoes on!

There is so much open space between the wretched first proposal and the slow drift that happens in canon, till he and Anne become polite strangers, and those Patty's Place visits become almost a thing of the past as we have the intrusions of Roy, Christine and the Cooper Prize. This is a very exciting development, to have Anne break things off so much sooner... and for a very interesting reason. The contrast between Avonlea and 'the Kingsport set' of Bluenose Roy- between Gilbert and Roy themselves - is made beautifully and painfully clear. Roy becomes the clever inverse of Gilbert here - Anne's so-called romantic ideal, who behaves in an ungallant and unromantic way - and in a way that Gilbert would never so, with his adorable 'blush that burned into his cheeks' and his quiet, romantic sensibilities - underneath his scientist's lab coat :)

And the use of the veil as metaphor - Anne's veil regarding romance... and eventually Gilbert... is lifted as she drapes Diana in hers - is terrific.

I love Anne and Diana's sharing of confidences (which have turned out not to be so confidential!) here and I love the passion Diana mentions beneath the surface of her quieter - but no less important and heartfelt - connection with Fred. It is a contrast to her own circumstances that Anne might still need to mediate on.

Meanwhile Gilbert has the impetus - and the hope now - to try again, without the letter from Phil that is still years away. I am hoping it will be unnecessary now. I am so excited for what is to come!
12/12/2017 c1 77kslchen
You wrote it! What a lovely, lovely surprise after an otherwise utterly forgettable day!

I liked this a whole lot. The conversation between Anne and Diana felt completely natural and totally right. Two best friends confiding in one another just as they are both, in a way, standing on the cusp of something new. I could really feel how confident and comfortable Diana is in her feelings for Fred, while Anne has clearly been more unsure and doubting, likely even before that kiss. And what a kiss - I wrinkled my nose at the description alone ;).
It was an interesting take, to contrast how love affairs are conducted in Avonlea versus Kingsport and Anne's uneasiness at the Kingsport way really showed that she is an Avonlea-girl at heart and always will be. In that vein, I also liked that feeling of "coming home" she has experienced in her dream and how Diana, who knows her best of all, realizes it means that Anne's dreams are shifting towards something less lofty and romanticized, but much truer.
On the whole, Diana's insights here are spot-on. Even where Anne wavers and doubts, she, being more experienced in matters of love, has an inkling that life and love still have more in store for Anne as well, and gently reminds her of it. Their friendship really shines in this and I love that!

Now, on to Gilbert. Might that be the rare case where the eavesdropper actually hears something he needs to hear? You portray his feelings very well, from having to keep up the smile for the world, to not wanting to hear about Roy, and finally his wish to be exactly *that* man for Anne. And to me, his blush signified that yes, he would very much like to kiss her, but that still, his feelings for her are very pure, running much deeper than the physical, as we know them to do. And Anne coming to him in that white dress, flowers in her hair, is almost a little bit of foreshadowing?

Oh, and the shoe was a funny touch, especially knowing that backstory ;).
So, all in all, a very very enjoyable (and time-appropriate) beginning to what will without a doubt be an equally enjoyable story. You captured all three characters and their relationships just right and now I'm very interested to learn what Gilbert The Scientist comes up with!
12/12/2017 c1 14elizasky
Gilbert Blythe! Eavesdropping! Well, I suppose he's only the second least gentlemanly fellow in this story. Blech. I guess I'll take Anne's word for it that she was at least semi-willing to kiss Roy under those circumstances, but it sounds pretty grim.

The whole shoe title/backstory/theme is adorable. And yay for Diana being the poetic one here. I so often forget that she is an enthusiastic reader herself, which is my own snobbery coming through. I love a Diana who reminds me that she is a lover of stories as well. I enjoyed the line, "Diana (who did indeed need to know)."

I also appreciated the particular values on display. Awful lot of more-than-kissing around here of late (I am not complaining!) but this is a nice check-in with canon, where a public kiss, even between an engaged couple, is a notable and slightly scandalous thing.

Glad to see you writing and hope to see more soon!
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