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1/21 c30 Clone Ranger-555
Druella is a simple minded fool. She doesn't understand that things are different on Earth. If she tried to invade Earth with her demon army. It would be a disaster for herself and her people. The battle of Medford was only a small sample of what the militaries of Earth have to offer. My opinion. Show Druella a nuclear bomb exploding in the middle of a city or a desert and see if she thinks that her mamono warriors are capable of waging war against Earth. Or perhaps footage of B-52 bombers and Lockheed AC-130 gunship attacking ground targets.

I'm just saying making peace is better then waging pointless war.
1/21 c46 BlackStar 1001
Its a great chapter Mojave. You wrote another good story for us. I hope you write more soon.

I have a few ideas that might help you in case you have writer's block.
It's your choice if you want to uses them.

Idea 1- A sexy Gandharva girl who was wondering streets of L.A encounters a young man who was apart of a rock band. While listening to him playing his guitar, she falls in love with him as she asks him out on a date. After several dates and having a few romantic nights together. The young man invites her to join their band as the play several rock concerts across the U.S.

Idea 2- A young couple in England were visiting their parents out in the county side (husband or wife's parent choice is up to you) while they were wondering the nearby woods. The english couple unexpectedly found a young uncorrupted fairy who was crying to herself. While speaking to the girl, the fairy told them that her parents were killed by humans who wanted to cut off her wings in order to sell them. After a few moments of thinking, the couple decided to adopt the girl as their own child.

Idea 3- A young and eager Ogre girl was watching a wrestling match on tv and fell in love with one of the wrestlers who was as tall as she is. The wrestler is a tall and strong guy (Think of Paul Donald Wight II. AKA 'Big Show'. Look online and you'll see if you don't know.) Thinking that being a Ogre would give her an advantage, she decided to track him down and take him as a husband. But her plan backfired as the wrestler was able to defeat her with brute force and his former military training. Seeing that she found a man worthy of being her husband and the wrestler seeing her as a hot babe who can handle a man his size. The two of them fall in love and go to his place for some one on one action.

Idea 4- A young Japanese man living in Tokyo was walking home after drinking with his friends at a local bar encounters a beautiful Nureonago slime girl. This one is a lemon so it's your call how to write this one Mojave.

I hope these ideas help. bye
1/17 c46 BlueStone 90K
You don't disappoint MojaveMarshal, your latest chapter is good and I enjoy reading it. Good work bro.
I have to say, it was a good thing that Arthur and his party landed in Paris, France. The French people are open minded when it comes to things like this... I think. But I know without a doubt that if King Arthur and his mamono delegation appeared in Riyadh (the capital of Saudi Arabia) or any other Islamic country in the middle east. They would of been killed on the spot. Even worse, Afghanistan were extremist groups like Isis or Al-Qaeda who would brutally torture them for what they are. Especially the demon girl Apollya. I hope that the monster girls in Arthur's party are dressed appropriately for their visit to Earth. The humans of Earth wouldn't be comfortable if the mamono delegation appear on tv with their erotic outfits they love to wear... or the little clothes they wear at all.
I would love to read the chapter where Arthur and his delegation arrive in the U.S and meets the U.N in New York.

I have a few ideas and suggestions that might help you with your story. I'm not trying to force you. I'm just trying to help because myself and the others who read your story want more to read. Monsters on Earth is fun to read. It's your story, your choice as always.

Idea 1: Will the members of Arthur's delegation find husbands who are willing to accept them as their wives? There are many single guys in France who are looking for sexy wives.

Idea 2: What will Arthur and his delegation think when they learn that human couples are adopting mamono children as their own like the Umi Osho girl Tammy who was adopted by Samantha and Robby Waterstone. Think of it... human couples accepting mamono children as their own kids is unheard of back in their world.

Idea 3: What happened to Druella after she arrived on Earth? Where did she arrived?

Idea 4: Please write a chapter with Firefox 2222's idea of the 'zoo incident' where the animals turn into beast mamono. It sounds like a interesting idea to work on? Here are a few ideas for the monsterized zoo animals.
Zebras would probably look like members of the centaur family or a lion would look like a Jinko.

Write more lemon chapters. Here are some examples...

1: Bill was having a bizzare year ever since the mamono came became public knowledge. About eight months ago, his three cats that he raised since they were newborn kittens suddenly became mamono. One night, they were normal cats, but when he woke up the next morning. He found three Cait Siths that had the same features as his three cats. Since that day, he and his Cait Sith cats were living together as they adjusted to their new lives and bodies. Will he continue his life as before or will he fall in love with his Cait Siths and sleep with them? Or maybe they already did and have a few babies on the way?

2: A young man of Egyptian decent was visiting Egypt where his grandparents came from and encounters a sexy Sphinx girl while wondering the streets of Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

3: A young man living in Mississippi was traveling hiking through the woods of central Mississippi during a hiking trip with his friends. All his friends have mamono wives or girlfriends and they brought them along for the camping trip. While hiking on his own, he encountered a beautiful Vamp Mosquito girl who was looking for a husband to love and start a family. After a long and passionate night together. He takes his new wife back to camp and show off his Vamp Mosquito wife to his friends and their mamono wives.

Good luck with your story...
Adios Amigo...
1/12 c46 Oter repersenati
So anyone representatives from the Desert Kingdom or the Kingdom of the Dead gonna be there?
1/13 c46 1The Weary TimeLord

Great chapter, I'm interested to see how Arthur deals with the Earth and diplomacy since it's so different to what he's used to.

The Weary TimeLord.
1/10 c46 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
1/10 c46 Toxin33
Arthur finally came to Earth to negotiate and Druella came along to try his world domination, boy this is going to be interesting.
1/9 c46 17AlxkendBlader
So, Druella stowed away and is now going to carry out her plans. Moreover, King Arthur and his envoy landed in France of all European nations.
1/9 c46 Xs0nicblAdeX
If Druella cause chaos, there will be a huge consequence of her action.
1/9 c46 Shashenka
Thanks for another chapter! I really enjoyed it
1/9 c46 60D.J. Scales
So far so good.
1/3 c45 Black Wolf 1776
Please write more soon. We have want more.
1/3 c45 Firefox 2222
Your latest chapter is sweet. A good Christmas theme for the story. Anyway, I have a few ideas that might help you.
It's your choice of you want to uses them. No pressure. I just want to help.

Idea 1: A lonely guy who's been living on his own for several years encounters a beautiful Dark Priest girl we visiting one of the churches of the Fallen God after hearing they were giving out free food and shelter.

Idea 2: A young man in Greece was with his lovely Echidna wife as she gives birth to his children. The first of course was a Echidna like her mother but the babies after her were different. The second baby was a Harpy, the third was a Satyros, the fourth was a Minotaur, the fifth was a Medusa and the sixth was a Cyclops. He knew that his children will be different species but he was shocked none the less. The hospital staff are going to be surprised at these hah as they appear out of Greece mythology.

Idea 3: A few years before the mamono came to Earth a young female dog was living a harsh life on the streets after being abandoned by her owner. One day while she was looking for food, she was found by a young man who took her in, feed, bathed and given a home. As the years gone by, she feel deeply in love with her owner but she knew that she was on!y a dog. One night while sleeping in bed with her master, she woke up and discovered that her body had changed into a Cu Sith.

Idea 4: A pretty Succubus and her husband decide to create a mamono dating website in order to help single monster girls find willing and single husbands to love and make babies with.

Good luck with your story...
1/2 c38 Dead wind brony
I like this story, it is semi-realistic but I like that there are more one shots than the main plot. But if it's written weird but I don't speak English very well.
12/31/2020 c45 ShadowDuke 844
Happy New year MojaveMarshal.
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