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12/16/2017 c8 32SleepDeprivedFemale
I don’t know anything about Is This a Zombie, so I’m not sure how many elements in the story that I consider ‘new’ are part of the ITAZ universe, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. If there was any interweaving of the two universes, it was flawless so props!
The inclusion of relatively minor characters like Maka’s mom and Excalibur was nice and I liked how you developed them, it’s nice to see their hidden layers. Kami’s Valkyrie-like fury at Nene’s ‘death’ was cool as fuck and heart-wrenching. The relationships between characters such as Kid and Liz were nice, cuddly and downright adorable .

(Also, lol at Marie for fangirling about how Kami and Nene meet, the interaction has stayed with me ever since I started the story)
12/14/2017 c8 13eecmidford
Beautiful story! Loved the relationships between the characters, especially Kid/Liz and Kami/Nene, and of course the non-romantic ones as well, like Maka and Eu. I also loved how you fleshed out Excalibur as a character-I feel like we only got the tip of the iceberg in the manga (and anime), as far as he went, and being such an old guy, I always figured there must have been more to him! And, of course, the interweaving of the Camelot story and the Soul Eater story was brilliant. Evil Lancelot and Morgan were particularly well written. Oh, and Nene's "death" scene was heartbreaking. Overall, great job! You should be very proud of yourself! Happy Resbang!

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