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11/20/2011 c4 sailormoonluver
please continue this story
3/23/2008 c1 annonimous
your story kinda sucks cause your grammar and the way you have your paragraphs spaced is bad.
7/16/2006 c4 2Flame Ivy Moon
Yes please continue the story i really like it!
3/18/2006 c4 1Lady-Slytherin-Snape
6/24/2005 c3 1Flawed Harmony
I really like your fic! There are so few SM/CCS crossover fics being written these days, so if you hear of any or see any somewhere, could you please let me know? I say you ought to continue the fic - it's good!

~Lady Icefyre
3/21/2004 c4 moonlightjade
i definitely think u should continue this story. i will follow this story until its finished. sorry about this but you talk or type too much about what everyones doing too detailed but other then that i think its the best.
here are some questions i want to know the answer to:
why is hotaru the only one alive?
what happened to eriol?
what happened between yue and serenity a long time ago?
sorry about all the questions well thats all for now.
p.s great story please continue. thanks
11/29/2003 c4 1Zaeria
Please do continue this fic if you have the time. It's a nice one, and I for one would like to see where you planned on taking it. A bit of advice for you if you'd like it regarding college classes: make sure you know where all the class rooms are before you actually register for a class. I forgot to do that this year, and am running myself ragged sprinting across campus (literally) to get to all of my classes on time. ^_^
11/8/2003 c4 1Silver Moon Dreamer
You have got to be joking... Of course I want you to continue! It has been a while since i have read a good ccs/sm fic. And to top it off, it is with Yue! hee hee hee... Can't wait for the next chappie!
11/8/2003 c4 bookcraze1553
Please continue the story. I think it is good and am enjoying reading it.
11/8/2003 c4 18Celestial Slytherin-Black
Hey there! I would LOVE IT if you would please continue this story!

~Celestial Slytherin-Black
11/8/2003 c4 S
Just continue the fic on your free time, no matter on how long it takes to finish.
11/8/2003 c4 SugarMagoo
please continue writing this story. Its one of my favorite stories with Serena and Yue. So if you find the time will you continue the story.
11/8/2003 c4 Pisces199
please continue on with the story

it is very interesting

I hope to see an update soon

11/8/2003 c4 Kachie
please continue with it bye
3/28/2003 c3 Sammie
I like this fic. Update soon please.
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