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10/5 c1 10Bumblebee993-CompactRacerBoi
That's Ampfibian if you're wondering...
9/28 c52 Jonrocksthestar
Arc idea, a powerful new alien has appeared wearing multiple Omnitrix Symbols. This alien begins terrorizing Lincoln’s family and begins pushing Lincoln to his mental and physical limits hoping to break him, an alternate version of Pop-pop arrives to inform everyone of what’s going on. Apparently this alien travels the multiverse and destroys every version of the Loud family he comes across all while leaving the Lincoln’s for last in order to break them and once broken kills them and takes their omnitrix has a sort of trophy. Pop-pop was the sole survivor of his family’s massacre and has been traveling the multiverse to stop the alien and get his revenge. More alternate versions of Lincoln’s appear to inform them they are aware of what’s going and instead of waiting around to be hunted they’re actively trying to stop the alien. After a grueling battle the alien transforms to reveal an alternate older version of Lincoln. Apparently his Vilgax returned and Lincoln was forced to watch as his entire family was wiped out and in his misery he destroyed the omnitrix killing vilgax and unlocking a new extremely powerful form but locking him in it. The new form granted him cosmic awareness and that his misery is meaningless in the grander scheme of things driving an already unstable and unhinged man completely insane and vowing that if he should suffer so should every other version of him in the multiverse.
9/30 c22 12Hamza9236
So, I seem to enjoy this more than your DBZ x Fairy Tail story, and that's saying something since I recently just got into Ben 10 and TLH. Now I'm thinking of how Rick and Morty would be involved in this, lol.
9/27 c52 Jonrocksthestar
Loud 10 and Secret Saturdays crossover!
9/27 c52 Jonrocksthestar
You said you wanted to do a crossover with at least one other series besides Generator Rex, would that other series so happen to be the Secret Saturdays?
8/30 c52 9Spectacular Webhead 11
Awesome episode!

When’s the next episode?

Are Chandler, Richie and Trent the bullies version of J.T. And Cash?

Speaking of…..Since Clyde and Ronnie Anne are the Gwen Tennyson/Lucky Girl and Kevin 11 of the story, are they going to be together?

Is there an episode Ghostfreak gets out of the Omnitrix?

Are you gonna include More aliens like Stinkfly, XLR8, Swampfire, Chromastone and others as well?

Is there gonna be an episode where Azmuth appear?
8/27 c27 Guest
Love Lincoln x Wendy, though I wish Wendy wasn’t so tall
8/27 c52 tylerchavis97
Do not listen to the guest who said that this is awful.
Obviously, they have no idea what they’re talking about.
If they don’t like it, don’t bother reading it.
8/26 c1 Guest
What if you made a spin off to Loud 10 with the Casagrandes with Carlota and Ship and Ronnie?
8/26 c36 Guest
I just gonna say what we’re all thinking: For someone who is so smart, Lisa does some hopelessly stupid things.
8/26 c1 Guest
Are you gonna introduce the vreedle brothers in the story trying to get ship?
8/23 c1 Guest
I have some thoughts about which aliens Lincoln could get next.
*Ball Weevil
*The Worst
(But its your story these are just some thoughts if you're interested)
8/19 c52 avenger44
when is the next chapter of loud 10?

i hope lincoln and wendy well have a romantic date in the next chapter.
8/6 c40 Guest
Why doesn’t this fic have a tv trope page all your other ones do and this is your longest so some one get on that
8/4 c36 Guest
Ya between try to electric lily wanting to remove her vocals cords doing all her experiments on her sidling making them glo get sick just really never reguarding other human beings as any think but test subjects Lisa always struck me as a borderline social path. Like that sicotic baby from jo jos if you give an infant a geniuses leve intelligent there goo to be socieopaths because they have no life experience and haven’t had time to lure empathy or the concept of consiquiens for there actions it’s no pretty giving her willingness to obusr her family I think it’s pretty safe to say she’s going to kill some one eventually
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