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5/19/2020 c49 15Ninjamon1228
Hey everyone!

Just a little review update for you all!

Don't worry I've been doing fine, just spending a bit of time resting and enjoying myself and watching some shows. Most notable is One Piece which I am absolutely loving!

And don't worry, this story isn't canned or anything. Not even a bit. After finishing the mini arc in FTZ, I'm gonna update two more of my stories one and then the third and final story I update will be the one I focus on for a bit.

So that means the next story I focus on is either this on, RWBY Academia, or MLP x L10.

Feel free to guess, look forward to it, and enjoy the ride!
5/15/2020 c6 StrikerTj
When are u updating?
4/27/2020 c35 bradleyusa2015
Ya know
I love ur story it’s amazing and i wanna start off by saying its great that rath’s finally here. I personally love that and im sure a lot of others do too. And also I love how u write ur chapters. Some with action things. Some with comedy. Some with a lot of stuff combined. But what i really like are the chapters that hit u in the feels just like the show does with some episodes. I love it and keep and the great work
4/20/2020 c49 1painanime
Will Lincoln unlock wildmutt at some point I vote yes fan of wildmutt not sure why.

If he does Lana can give him the name and have the scenario increase their simblin bond.

also Wendy would most likely enjoy huging wildmutt because of how soft his fur is.
4/7/2020 c49 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
3/30/2020 c49 tylerchavis97
Are you gonna introduce Sid?
3/26/2020 c49 6SuperMegaNerd2
How dare you leave on a cliff hanger!
3/2/2020 c49 Guest
I got the dragon ball abridged reference. Nice joke.
3/3/2020 c49 7Cure Crystal
oh my god a DBZA reference YES!
3/3/2020 c32 Cure Crystal
Bonus points for the triple Dan Schneider references
3/3/2020 c28 Cure Crystal
when did they change the room arrangement?
3/2/2020 c49 3King-Dorado
Please let Rath put some clothes on, preferably a lucha libre outfit for training with Lynn jr.
2/29/2020 c49 musizlover2008
finally a new chapter. The "I see the future" thing was a bit much, got me confused at some of the predictions but who was saying them? Who knows, I'm just glad to see the hiatus is over.
2/29/2020 c49 1tomahawkESP
2/29/2020 c49 Neon Starch
Yes! Now Rath has joined the line-up. Always preferred him over the rest of Ben's heavy-hitters. He's just too damn funny to not love. Also, I hope you do more with Phil. Hopefully, you can do something like what the reboot series has done and make him an actual, fleshed-out character as opposed to just a generic villain driven by greed.

Looking forward to your next updates, though I really hope that we can see an update to RWBY Academia.
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