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2/29/2020 c49 11OMAC001
Nice to hear back from you! Great job making Phil likable! Also good way to hint to future chapters.
2/29/2020 c49 4Supermariosunshinr
Cool chapter
2/29/2020 c49 6XLR8 The Fox
Man that was awesome! Also loved the appearance of Rath! So awesome, also I missed Raad, he’s just like Nail from DBZ Abridged...which has been cancelled now

But still, loved what you done with the chapter and I missed seeing Lincoln and Wendy! The Snow White couple! Or maybe Power White couple, since they have powers and have white hair
2/29/2020 c49 looneytyne22
1. Allow me to apologize for being rude and impatient. I should know better and act more mature.

2. I'm happy that you're gonna keep working on this and amazing reference to DBZA with potential storylines.

3. Here's to hoping "Tough Luck" won't take as long.
2/28/2020 c49 Guest
Great to have you back on this story
2/28/2020 c49 10Yellowpikmin88
Awesome new chapter, man. Great to see Rath made his debut, the angriest alien in the franchise. And a surprising sacrifice by Phil, I imagine we'll see him again when our heroes inevitably end up in the null void at some point.

Also that bit in the description about Clyde's ship is a bit confusing because isn't Lincoln the one dating Haiku in the Bakugan story?
2/28/2020 c49 tylerchavis97
Totally worth the wait, dude. Keep it up.
2/28/2020 c49 9Harriet546
Awesome. Lincoln, Lori, Leni, their Pop-Pop and Wendy once again stopped Zed along with the help of Phil who made he and Zed both get sent to the Null Void. Plus, Lincoln's got a new alien form whose one of the coolest: Rath.
2/28/2020 c49 qazse
This is PERFECT! And having Rath unlocked is two cherry’s one top. You fleshed out Ja’Orre amazingly, can’t wait for stress and aneurysms he’s gonna give Lori XD
2/28/2020 c49 4Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter and I am surprised you brought rath into this early I do look forward to the others reaction to him but I wonder how hector will take this
2/28/2020 c49 avengers assembel
this is the best thing i've ever read Lincoln getting the omnitrix
even better he has fast track and feedback as one of his aliens
2/28/2020 c49 4461394
I don’t think you can call appoplexians the dumbest in the galaxy when there are vreedles
2/28/2020 c49 ssnoah4
I'm glad you changed Phil's character. I didn't like how the original series or omniverse did with Phil.
2/28/2020 c49 66ChaosMagemon
I don't blame ya for changing Phil up. I mean in the new Ben 10 series he's actually an ally to team Tennyson, which I am glad for.
2/28/2020 c49 flamelynx
soooooo when the new loud 10 x mlp
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