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2/28/2020 c49 4561394
I don’t think you can call appoplexians the dumbest in the galaxy when there are vreedles
2/28/2020 c49 ssnoah4
I'm glad you changed Phil's character. I didn't like how the original series or omniverse did with Phil.
2/28/2020 c49 66MaliciousMagemon
I don't blame ya for changing Phil up. I mean in the new Ben 10 series he's actually an ally to team Tennyson, which I am glad for.
2/28/2020 c49 flamelynx
soooooo when the new loud 10 x mlp
2/22/2020 c48 Alexis
Cette histoire est incroyable et époustouflant je suis extrêmement impatiente pour la suite
2/15/2020 c48 tylerchavis97
Here’s my take of how Lincoln gets hypnotized in “Midnight Madness.” You can use it for the real thing if you want.
The Loud sisters were having a fun time at the mall having finished their shopping spree.
Leni: We’ve made quite a haul, right girls?
Lori: I’ll say. Time to meet up with Lincoln and Wendy.
They arrive to the bench where Lincoln and his girlfriend were playing with Lily.
Lincoln: Finally! I was beginning to think you’d never get here.
Wendy: So, how’d it go?
Lynn: Not bad.
Lori: Thanks for coming along, Linc. You really didn’t have to. We could’ve dropped you off at Clyde’s.
Lincoln: Yeah, but he’s busy taking care Nepurrtiti. Besides, I’m really needing to spend more time with you girls.
Lisa: That and I suspect that if any trouble around us were to occur, you will need to be as close as possible.
Lincoln: True, but with it being so quiet lately, might as well enjoy myself. Am I right?
Their attention was then brought to a large crowd gathering and among them were some of friends of Lincoln’s: Girl Jordan, Artie, Mollie, Lance and Trent.
Lincoln: Yo, guys. Long time no see.
Mollie:(arms crossed) Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?
Lance:(hi fives him) Haven’t seen you in a while, man. How ya been?
Lincoln:(hands in pockets) Eh, same old, same old. Living through life in big family one day at a time.
Girl Jordan: Cool. Hey, that’s a nice new look working for you.
Lincoln: Five words: Leni Loud all day, everyday.
Trent: Sweet. (notices Wendy) Oh, your new face.
Wendy: Hello, there.
Mollie: Hey, Lincoln, we’ve heard some rumors lately. One about Clyde being back in town, Ronnie Anne moved away, and that you got yourself a girlfriend. This wouldn’t be her, would it?
Lincoln:(blushes) Yes, yes, and you guessed it. I like you all to meet Wendy Yoroi from Tokyo Japan. Wendy these some friends of mine, Girl Jordan, Artie, Mollie, Lance and Trent.
Wendy: Nice to meet all of you.
Artie: Pleasures all ours.
Trent:(nudging him) Lincoln, you sly dog. You got yourself a winner. Honestly, I’m jealous.
Lance: Lucky.
Lincoln: Thanks, guys.
Luna: Anyway, dudes, what’s all this about?
Trent: You haven’t heard? (steps aside) Here, read this.
Wendy:(reads sign) “The Amazing Sublimino, Master of Hypnosis, last day”.
Lisa:(scoffs) Hypnosis.
Sublimino: Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Sublimino, the master of hypnosis. (appears) Behold Sublimino. I am about to take you on a journey into that mysterious realm known as the mind. First I shall require some volunteers.
Mollie: Let’s just get it over with.
Lance: This should be good.
Wendy: I’m gonna go up. Anyone else?
They all gained a mischievous smirk as they looked at their alien hero.
Lincoln:(playing Dragon Ball Legends) Are you looking at me? I know that you’re looking at me. Thanks, but I’m gonna say no.
Lynn: Come on. What do you have to be afraid of?
Lincoln: Afraid? I don’t do afraid. I just don’t want to go up because I don’t want to look like an idiot, giving a chance for it to be filmed by you know who.
The girls turned their eyes to Luan, who had her camera out and a sheepish smile look on her face.
Luan:(nervous chuckle) Would you do it if I promise not to film.
Lincoln: Well...
Loud sisters: Please.
Lincoln: Okay, fine. So along as Luan doesn’t film it.
Luan: I won’t.
Lincoln: Come on, Wendy. Just to repeat: Do not film it!
With all seven kids on stage, the demonstration commences.
Sublimino: Ah, such brave you kids. Now, clear your minds. Focus only on this pocket watch as it swings back and forth. Your eyelids are getting heavy. You are falling into a deep sleep.
Sublimino swung the watch back and forth in front of the children’s half lidded, deadpan eyes. Although they looked at each other knowing they weren’t effected.
Artie: Is anybody feeling any different? Cause I don’t.
Lance: Nope.
Trent: Not at all.
Lincoln: I am feeling a sleeping effect.
Mollie: You are?
Lincoln: Yeah. And it’s not from the watch, it’s from the sheer, absolute boredom out of this guy’s cheap act.
All of the kids laughed at that.
Sublimino: Laugh at this.
Sublimino reaches out for another watch, but this time, he presses a button to activate some sort of wave, which then made them fall asleep.
Luan:(pulls out a camera) Oh, I smell opportunity.
Lucy:(to Luan) Didn’t you say you weren’t gonna film.
Luan: I know. I just can’t resist. And what Lincoln doesn’t know, won’t hurt me; literally.
Sublimino: You are now under my control. Now awaken.
The kids opened their eyes, and their pupils and irises have disappeared.
Lana: Hey, like the ninja turtles.
Sublimino: And now I want you all to become chickens in a barnyard.
The seven kids then started clucking like actually chickens.
Sublimino: Now you are group of Irish step dancers.
After they stopped clucking, they took off their original clothing and revealed they have been wearing Irish step dancer uniforms. For the girls, they were in dance skirts, a plain blouse, poodle socks and hard shoes. The boys wore long-sleeved collared dress shirts tucked into black pants and reel shoes.
Leni: Wow! How long has he been wearing that?
The kids then began dancing like professional Irish step dancers and everyone was impressed by their performance. After the first two minutes, they began dancing in a line with the girls holding the boys hands. Once they were done, the in front of the stage and other spectators in the mall gave them a huge round of applause.
Leni: Wow, that was amazing!
Luna: I know. Does our bro have moves or what?
Lisa: While it is hard for me to fathom our brother is actually under the influence of hypnosis, even I must admit that very impressive.
Lynn: Even hypnotized, showmanship is one of his best qualities.
They looked and saw them back in their original attire.
Sublimino:(to Artie) Young man, you’re a fearsome pirate.
Artie: Arrrgh! Hoist the sails, matey!(walks off)
Sublimino:(to Mollie) You are a zombie.
Mollie:(moans; limps offstage)
Sublimino:(to Trent) You’re an elite ninja warrior.
Trent: Hai.(flips off stage)
Sublimino:(to Girl Jordan) You’re a street dancer.
Girl Jordan:(break dances off stage)
Sublimino:(to Lance) You are a robot.
Lance:(robot voice) I am Lancatron. I come from the future.(leaves stage)
Sublimino:(to Stella) You, young lady, are a ballerina.
Wendy:(twirls offstage)
Lola: I wonder what he’s gonna have Lincoln do.
Luan: I don’t know, but this is too funny!
Sublimino: And you, my white haired lad, you are an alien.
Lincoln activates the Omnitrix and turns it’s dial.
Luna: Jokes over, dude.
Lynn:(runs to Lincoln) Linc, no!
Just before Lincoln could slam the watch, he was tackled by sister to the other side of the curtains.
Sublimino: You are ruining the performance!
Lynn: Sorry. My brother had to go to the little aliens room.
As Sublimino leaves, the rest of the Loud sisters arrive.
Lucy: Where’s Lincoln?
Lynn opens her hands and reveals Grey Matter.
Grey Matter: Take me to your leader.
Lynn: Lori, it’s for you.(hands him to Lori)
Lori: Can I help you?
Grey Matter: Your will is my command, master.
Lori: You can just call me Lori.
Grey Matter: As you wish, Mistress Lori.
Lori: Ooh, I like that.
Leni:(snatches Grey Matter) Lori, he’s our brother, not a servant.
Lori: Dang it.
Lola: That’s right, Lori. Learn to be more considerate.
Luna: He’s not your servant, either.
Lola: Aww.
Lisa: I suggest we find Wendy and return home. There is no telling how long our brother unit will remain this way if turns to normal.
Later that evening, Lincoln was sitting on Lori’s shoulders and having fit when he saw the recorded footage.
Lincoln:(to Luan) I can’t believe you! Exactly what part of, “Do not film it,” did you not understand?
Luan: Oh, come on. Aside from the chicken part, I didn’t record anything embarrassing. But you’re gonna love this next part.
Lincoln looked at the camera and saw him and his friends step dancing.
Lincoln: Wow. That’s not bad. (to the viewers) And the guys laughed at Lance for taking that class. Who’s gonna be laughing now that he’s danced up a storm?
Lynn: And then, there’s this next part.
Lincoln looked at the camera and saw him as Grey Matter finishing up with Lori’s pedicure.
Grey Matter: Is this pleasing to you, my mistress?
Lori: Excellent work.
Grey Matter: I thank you for your kindness. Awaiting further commands.
Lincoln:(to Lori) Okay, but why though?
Lori: Because, I wanted to. I figured since you were like that, I might use you for some practical use.
Lincoln: Mm-hmm.
The next footage reveals him brushing Lori’s hair while she was reading a magazine.
Lori: Hey, not so rough okay, Grey?
Grey Matter: Apologies, mistress.
As he continued, the Omnitrix timed out and Lincoln was sitting on Lori’s shoulders; not sure what happened.
Lincoln: Huh? Where? When? What? Why?
Lori: Are you gonna finish any of those questions?
Lincoln: Where did the mall go? When did we get back home? What am I doing on your shoulders? And why am I brushing your hair? Better?
Lori: Much. Luan show.
Luan: There, caught up.
Lincoln: Wait. Where’s Wendy?
Lori: Once she was no longer hypnotized, we took her home.
Lincoln: Oh, good. I didn’t do anything too embarrassing, did I?
Both: Nope.
Lincoln: Oh, good. Can I get down, now?
Lori sets him down and he heads upstairs.
Lincoln: Well, I’m beat. Night girls.
Girls: Night Lincoln.
2/7/2020 c48 Guest
Why don't you give Lincoln the omni enhanced and omni kix
2/7/2020 c48 Insert name
Hey, I've got a question for whenever you do another Q & A. When you reach Ultimate Alien, do you plan on doing original Ultimates like you did with Ultimate Ghostfreak in your MLP crossover, or are you just gonna stick with the ones seen in the series?
2/3/2020 c43 flamelynx
I would cue ignite for rwby
2/2/2020 c48 Insert name
I'm calling it now. You're going to introduce Ripjaws in Scales of Justice. Or Water Hazard. But I think Ripjaws has a better chance.
2/1/2020 c48 LJW
I was wondering if you could do a story that's a crossover with DC superhero girls 2019 and the loud house.
1/31/2020 c48 4561394
Your back
1/31/2020 c48 Guest
Can you make Lisa do notes about Lincoln's aliens please
1/31/2020 c48 Guest
I can't wait to read the rest of loud 10 ,you do such a great job with this story.
I can't wait to read the new chapter soon
1/30/2020 c48 2EJthe24th
Just one thing I would like to request: Can you make Lisa Loud have notes for each alien Lincoln has? Like when there's an episode revolving around the family, we can see her notes at the end of the chapter.
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