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12/20/2019 c48 1waterlynx11
have thought of doing a loud 10 rwby crossover
12/1/2019 c47 Guest
Please continue
12/1/2019 c48 Guest
I hope you continue with the story very soon,it's my favorite fanfic so far and I like Ben 10 and the loud house,you cute Lincoln in this story very well
12/1/2019 c48 Killshot
11/30/2019 c48 ssnoah4
I'm hoping its Bakugan
11/30/2019 c1 Red Dragon 1995
If I had to take a guess maybe Naruto or bakugan
11/30/2019 c48 66MaliciousMagemon
I'll await for when you continue
11/30/2019 c48 tylerchavis97
Thanks for the heads up. I hope the hiatus won’t be long, and that you’ll update soon. Until then, take care.
11/30/2019 c48 sucramstock
I think it's Naruto (if I'm wrong).
11/30/2019 c48 21allanarcher777
I see... Well if “Gems get Loud” is not on your work list anymore, will you consider putting it up for adoption?
I can’t take it because I have other projects going, but I’m sure someone else would be willing to give it a new home.
11/30/2019 c48 7Anonymous Ideas
I’m gonna guess either: Gurren Lagaan or Naruto
11/30/2019 c48 looneytyne22
Don't you think you're taking on too many projects? This one's not even done and every time I think there's a new chapter, it's always some announcement about something else. I mean I am happy that you're ambitious and have so many ideas but... I'm really liking Loud 10.
11/30/2019 c48 Cecilio
That's 3 times. 3 times something I like has been on hiatus. First was White Steven AU Universe, then it was Star vs The Forces of Evil: Tale of two Butterflies, and now this?
11/30/2019 c48 10Yellowpikmin88
Thanks for the update. I'll miss Loud 10 while its away but it'll be worth the wait for when it returns. Plus, I'm excited to find out what this new crossover is.
11/28/2019 c6 12sulfur angel
No plan survives first contact with the enemy. Some plans don't even survive long enough to encounter the enemy.
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