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7/31 c22 Guest
Screw lynn and to a lesser extent Lisa i don’t blame Rita thow ever sents licon design to be a hero or when pop pop new it was licon they should have being tring to ess her and the rest of the family in on the secret instead it all got sprung on her in the worst way possible I don’t blame her for freaking out
7/31 c20 Guest
Wait so who was the one who left lucky behind
7/30 c52 Guillaume Grigna
About the Loud family, I was wondering about something: did you plan to bring the whole thing about Lincoln and his sisters having royal blood, by any chance? Anyway, good luck with the writing of your current stories!
7/29 c10 Guest
I never like lynn not a big fan of lola either
7/28 c52 Christian P
It's been weeks, since you've been doing this, I hope new Mexican terror will come out anytime soon.
7/28 c6 Guest
Aa that was really sweet I also like that leni and licon are bonding more. But I hope we still get more lily she’s my favorit
7/28 c5 Guest
I don’t now why it took me so long to star reading this story it’s really good
7/28 c9 Julie Wells Thomas
F lynn j And some times lori
7/28 c7 Julie Wells Thomas
F lynn j
7/23 c15 Guest
Hey sonic fan here are you gonna do a crossover with sonic in load 10 non canon addition I personally think sa2 and shadow the hedgehog would fit right in along with a lot of the other games.
7/10 c52 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
7/2 c44 Cecilio

Maybe we will get that subject focused on in another chapter, saving it for later.
7/2 c50 Guest
I am a bit disappointed that there was not more focus on Ronnie Ann reacting to Lincoln and Wendy being a couple as I would imagine she would be jealous and really upset about it.
6/25 c52 reynardgautama
Great and interesting story
6/17 c52 WriterForFun365
Hi again!

I wanted to apologize again for my last review on one of your stories, wanting RWBY Academia to get a new chapter. It was rude of me to ask for that, and I'm sorry (again x2). I really like your stories, and I'm glad each one of those stories you put at the end for a "cycle" (as you call it) of 3 chapters each. I just hope that you're doing okay and that you don't push yourself too hard.

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