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6/18/2019 c40 21FrhancesSandel
I don't want feedback go away
6/18/2019 c43 musizlover2008
Wonderful. I'am glad their friendship is still intact. I can't believe Wendy was like this because of her father, those are always the worst things to happen, and that power-up? did she go Saiyan? Wow, that's just crazy. So you picked that season 3 premier is going to be the musical. I wonder if this plays out like the episode or some villain of the day shows up and causes mayhem? Can't wait for the Big Chill episode, oh and Secrets of the Omnitrix as well.
6/17/2019 c43 looneytyne22
I don't know if I like that it was Wendy who ultimately defeated Clyde and not Lincoln, I would have to think about that but overall a great 'second season' of your series. I'm looking forward to season 3.
6/17/2019 c43 1XLR8wuzhere
I really feel like I don’t like the ship I’m more of a Lincoln and Ronnie Anne ship, but meh I’m not going to complain about it, I’ll give Wendy and Lincoln a shot. Also, I wished you used Chandler as Kevin, instead of Clyde.
6/17/2019 c43 Mademoiselle-Star2018
awesome Clyde stays a good guy

Who was the man with green skin four eyes brown hair with a goatee and a blue and yellow striped shirt?
6/17/2019 c43 Pokegamer05
Is alien x gonna appear next season
6/17/2019 c43 Guest
The entire first season, and the first chapter of the second season. Everything else is garbage.
6/17/2019 c43 Guest
This chapter...,
You know what, I’m kind of glad you didn’t use Lynn as Kevin. Why? Because if you didn’t, then we would just have another boring, hypocritical, Lynn episode that she learn something then forgets it in the next episode.
6/17/2019 c43 16dragongodslayer7
I'm wondering if you'll have the ghostfreak episode when he frees himself from the Omnitrix. with him we got to see Biltzwolfer, Frankenstrike and snar oh be apart if Ben alien because of Ghostfreak just asking.

Quick question are you planning to put Shockrock in apart of your fanfic just asking
6/17/2019 c43 tylerchavis97
That... was... epic! Lincoln and Wendy’s relationship is official and he and Clyde are still BFFs. Can’t wait for what’s in store for season 3.
6/17/2019 c43 4Gamelover41592
this was a really excellent chapter and while I wouldn't have minded if Clyde became like Kevin in the original series this was still really fun and I am looking forward to the rest of the seasons play out
6/17/2019 c42 Guest
6/16/2019 c42 Guest
Clyde x Haiku
6/14/2019 c42 300RaiserGundam
About which girl to ship Clyde with. Honestly, that's a tough call for me. However I'm leaning slightly more towards Clyde and Haiku because that one is, to my knowledge, the only one that looked even remotely hinted at in the actual show (if you could even call that scene from Dance Dance Resolution being hinted at).
6/14/2019 c42 V for vendetta
I loved the first part of this arc, and i'm gonna say just this on your update :
I respect your decisions and your right, your story, your rules i liked the way You handled Clyde in the footsteps of Kevin 11, and cannot wait for the next chapter, but still... you made me curious about a certain Ben 10 antagonist.
Now i can understand why you won't do Race against time, its not... the best of the Ben 10 saga... to put it lightly but, for me at least, Eon seemed like a very good and interesting character. There is so potential to him and he could bring so much to the Loud 10-verse as i call it. When you think about it Eon is the hero of his own story, all he wanted has to save his race from total extincion, but unfortunately at the cost of another race.
If anyone understand that better than me, is Kuro the artist who is a HUGE Ben 10 fan, who created the awesome comic book crossover between Ben 10 and Danny phantom 5 years later were Eon is the main "antagonist" of the series not the VILLIAN. In chapter 4 the fallen gods we see Eon point of view on the world and we start to understand why he is doing all of this, and we see some great character development, something sadly we didn't see in the show.
There could be so much for Loud 10, Lincoln could keep his Eon form, just like Loud gax but only use him in the darkest moments, and get more aliens like sixsix and technorg.
But like i said before YOUR story, YOUR rules, i understand that time travel can be a headache and i shall respect your decision, Eon's fate is in your hands, even IF he has one, that is all, keep up the good work, V out.
P.S. if you managed to read ALL OF THIS, then you sir deserve a f**cking medal :))))))))
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