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6/15 c52 10Yellowpikmin88
Sorry for the late review on this, dude. I’ve been catching up with a lot of stories and wanted to save yours for last as it’s one of my favourites.

Another great chapter and one with more focus on Pop Pop and a new battle against Enoch.

I’m curious on what mystery story you have planned to go with Fairy Tail Z. If I could hazard a guess...could it be the return of Total Loud?
6/12 c52 Guillaume Grignard
Cool! That was fun, to be honest. By the way, I was wondering about something: since Leonard Loud (Lynn Sr’s father) is canon to Loud House now, did you plan to bring him in your story as well? Anyway, good luck with the writing of your other stories and keep going like this, you’re great!
6/8 c31 7KillingTheShadows101
I want more of Beatrix she’s just so
Cute in this fanfic
6/7 c52 32Jss2141
In the next chapter, you should have them tell the family about their adventure! I can already see Lucy and Lisa being in shock over the fact that Lincoln faced a real life god of death. Lucy would love the death part and Lisa would be shocked by the god part.
6/5 c52 ajolnac.5
glad to see you updated and I really liked it I dont think I've seen that episode but i can tell it mist have been fun,atleast albert got to take his grandkids on a mission even thought he was a bit of a jerk but atleast they made up and leni got to hold a very powerfull weapon so good for her. Good that you have a system to keep you organized,well exited for the next chapter and have a good day.
6/4 c52 Kader1114
Yessir he dropped again! Good chapter bro-bro! Also
6/4 c52 Theheroneeded
Good chapter, also glad you got a cycle going, I wonder what the new story paired with fairy tail z is going to be. (I have pretty good guess that I hope to be true)
6/4 c52 Christian P
Yes! I've been waiting for this! You did an excellent job my friend! I can't wait for the next episode.
1. Will Sid find out about Lincoln's aliens? And what are her favorite aliens?
2. Will Adelaide be in the next stories?
3. What are Ronnie Anne's favorite aliens?
4. Will other Ectonurites find Ja'orre?
5. If Lincoln had toepick, would Lucy and other goths be afraid?
6. If Lincoln unlocked Whampire, will Lucy and haiku have a crush on him?
6/3 c52 ssnoah4
Nice chapter. I'm glad Bakugan Loud Brawlers is getting updated again as it feels like an eternity since it was last updated.
6/3 c52 Insert name
Looking forward to this system. And a new fanfic as well? Heck yeah! And judging by the approaching date and the thing you've been doing in your Deviantart, I think I've got a pretty good guess about who's going to be about~.

Now if only Loud 10 and MLP Unite could get an update... But all in due time. I can catch up with the series while I wait.

Mmh, and who's that woman in Albert's photo? A new future OC perhaps? Maybe we will see who she is in The Visitor, though I'm sure you've mentioned Xylene before. Wonder which one of the two will it be?
6/3 c52 5Amartinez1117
Loved this chapter, looking forward to more.
6/3 c52 Cecilio
Alright, another chapter, I'm at least happy you made Albert realize his mistake instead of being called out. Also I'm looking to the latest Loud vs the Forces of Evil chapter
6/3 c52 66ChaosMagemon
Nice Pop-Pop snapped out of it and remembered the more important things in his life than some ancient weapon that turned out to be all for nothing
6/3 c52 Anthony Armenta
When are you gonna to Total Loud Action.
6/3 c52 9Harriet546
Awesome! Lincoln & Leni got their grandfather back to his senses, they all defeated Enoch and the Mayan god of the dead.
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