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6/3 c52 1Messiah of authors
Great chapter I do a review that this episode really was under rated. Because it supposed to show us a different side to a character that we have seen through the series acting out of his character. Anyway good idea with the system I feel like it’s really going to help you out even more with your story writing. Hope to see more!
6/3 c52 6XLR8 The Fox
Now this was a good story, glad we got Pop Pop to apologize earlier then Max did, although I understand the seriousness of the sword, Max was going to far with his, he honestly cared more about the sword than his grandkids lifes back at the pit

also Nice system you got there, I migh try and incorporate that for me with my stories
6/3 c52 4Gamelover41592
awesome job on this chapter
5/24 c51 ajolnac.5
hey do you know about the ben 10 webcomic 5 years later
5/19 c41 10Rodimus973
I was really expecting Chandler to be the Kevin 11 of this story.
5/17 c38 PirateLord93
Funny, when I read that everyone's instruments were stolen I just knew who the thieves were lmao
5/15 c51 tylerchavis97
I loved it!
That was awesome dude.
5/14 c51 Christian P
Yes! I was waiting for this! Thank you for finally making it. I would like to request some aliens to appear.
Ball weevil.
Kickin' hawk.

I also can't wait for ultimate weapon.
5/14 c51 ajolnac.5
Glad to see you updated again I was wondering when you would. Guess Clancy still hasn't learned his lesson yet,I wonder who have him his modifications,maybe animo. But anyways great work and with the next chapter called ultimate weapon,now that just sounds good.I am looking forward to when lincoln meets azmuth and how he explained what the omnitrix is. Hope it comes soon,again great work
5/14 c51 looneytyne22
Lynn uses kick on NRG
*it's not very effective*
5/13 c51 11OMAC001
Yeah, Clancy was really underutilized by the show. Can't wait to see what happens next!
5/13 c51 10Yellowpikmin88
Fantastic work utilising the aliens to promote the restaurant. And I’m excited to see what this Ultimate Weapon will be when the next chapter drops.
5/13 c8 2Mr. Haziq
I was always felt it was weird not to sell the diamonds Diamondhead makes.
5/13 c51 9Ohma flame
...I can take a guess at what this Ultimate Weapon is...
after all, Loud 10 X MLP happened
5/12 c51 66ChaosMagemon
Wonderful how Lincoln was able to help his dad's restaurant with using his aliens for advertisement. And Clancy was the ideal villain to use given insects are a restaurant's worst enemy, them and rats.
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