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5/13 c51 11OMAC001
Yeah, Clancy was really underutilized by the show. Can't wait to see what happens next!
5/13 c51 10Yellowpikmin88
Fantastic work utilising the aliens to promote the restaurant. And I’m excited to see what this Ultimate Weapon will be when the next chapter drops.
5/13 c8 2Mr. Haziq
I was always felt it was weird not to sell the diamonds Diamondhead makes.
5/13 c51 9Ohma flame
...I can take a guess at what this Ultimate Weapon is...
after all, Loud 10 X MLP happened
5/12 c51 66MaliciousMagemon
Wonderful how Lincoln was able to help his dad's restaurant with using his aliens for advertisement. And Clancy was the ideal villain to use given insects are a restaurant's worst enemy, them and rats.
5/12 c51 Lord Phedra
Great chapter! Also, great idea to have the alien heroes advertise the restaurant.
I’m asking this jokingly, but is Wendy going to want to try roleplaying with Lincoln now that she has the waitress uniform?
5/12 c51 9Harriet546
Awesome! Lynn Sr's restaurant grand opening became a success and Lincoln beat Clancy for the second time.
5/12 c51 4Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter and that was one hell of a 'gland' opening ;)
5/12 c51 6XLR8 The Fox
Now this was honestly awesome, nice to see Clancy return with his evolved upgrade, we can all take a guess who gave him that

tho I was kind of hoping with the many scenes Echo Echo had, Lincoln would find out about being multiple aliens using Echo Echo, I would so love to see the different personality clones from Lincoln
5/4 c1 Guillaume Grigna
Happy birthday, Loud House!
5/3 c50 UNKn0wN-EntITy
this makes me think how is Lincoln and Clyde gonna go through school when the summer ends. Hes gonna have to be more secretive when transforming and others gonna ask how he got the watch. though I do hope Lincoln keeps the ultimate forms if this goes to the omniverse series
4/29 c36 ajolnac.5
why dosent albert explaine to lincoln what his aliens are like there species and were they come from and there powers,I think he would know since he seems to know alot of the aliens species names. just saying
4/25 c6 ajolnac.5
great one I like the happy ending at the end,and how detailed you are with the characters and links abilities and knowledge. again this is awesome.
4/25 c3 ajolnac.5
this fanfiction is awesome and I am glad your still working on it,please continue if you can because just reading the first two chapters is awesome.
4/18 c27 Igcasas
Hola muy buena historia, una sugerencia, sería posible que le dieras a Lincoln el alien dragón que aparece en fuerza alienígena
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