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4/18 c30 Igcasas
Hola, sería posible que le dieras a Lincoln el alien dragón de fuerza alienígena. Es que me encanta
4/17 c50 83erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
4/6 c3 Guest
This is amazing keep up the good work
4/6 c30 10Rodimus973
Here are ten other aliens I think Lincoln should unlock

1) Chromastone
2) Waybig
3) Ripjaws
4) Overflow
5) Alien X
6) Snare-Oh
7) Blitzwolfer
8) rath
9) Astrodactyl
10) Ditto
4/6 c16 Rodimus973
Will Lincoln receive the Ultamatrix so he’ll be able to access Ultimate Aliens?
4/5 c50 Christian P
I love what you did with loud 10. The stories are incredible, and I can't wait for cooked to arrive. And I like to ask some questions.
4/3 c50 hugo ferras
i wonder if you can make more episodes of loud 10 like season 4 and season 5 episodes
3/28 c50 Anonymous
This series is really good, I enjoyed every chapter so far. And as someone who's favourite Ben 10 species are Ectonurites, I really enjoyed Ja'orre, as well as Lincoln's use of Ghostfreak in Ch 10. Maybe in the future Lincoln and Ja'orre could have fun with a little possession mischief? Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter!
3/24 c50 bgradaille
This story has me hooked and I was wondering are you going to incorporate Pierce? If not then that’s fine also I love what your doing with your story so far plus I can’t wait to see Ronnie Anne learn about her anodite powers!
3/17 c50 Guest
I don't know if many people asked this but after cooked can you do a chapter where beatrix discovers lincolns alien powers
3/17 c50 9Ohma flame
...why...why does no one in Paris see past ladybug and chat noir’s disguises? They aren’t that good...
But Ja’Orre’s is ten times worse...
3/16 c50 Insert name
Gotta admit, didn't see Penelope coming. I honestly thought that you were gonna ship Clyde with Sid, given the clues.
3/16 c50 10Yellowpikmin88
It’s so great to see this story up again. Looks like Lucky Girl’s back in business.

And it sounds like you’ve got a good system set for story updates to come. Though I hope we get tos eye an update to Louds vs The Forces of Evil someday too.
3/15 c50 Kader1114
Man I should’ve been one of the first people to review this chapter...it is what it is BUT ANYWAY, THIS WAS A GREAT COMEBACK! We got your first appearance of charmcaster too so I’d say this chapter is a solid 8/10 only reason I’m giving it a 8 is because I kinda wanted to see Clyde in action a bit but other then that great chapter bro!
3/15 c50 ssnoah4
Is Bakugan Loud Brawler on hiatus?
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