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3/15 c50 ssnoah4
Is Bakugan Loud Brawler on hiatus?
3/15 c50 Guest
Can't wait man good you update for more chapters
3/15 c50 Guillaume Grignard
That was awesome! The magic trick with Rath instead of Wildmutt was great, the introduction of Charmcaster was excellent! I just hope that Lincoln will unlock Ripjaws, Cannonbolt, Perk!Upchuck and Snare-Oh! Good luck for your other stories, anyway!
3/15 c43 Mando-23
I love this fanfic, but I realized that as the story progressed, it became more focused on your oc and i lost interest because I come here to read how lincoln became a hero, not your oc op being the focus of the whole story .
3/14 c50 66ChaosMagemon
That was awesome. I really did think Charmcaster would've been a good ally to the Tennysons on the show, and she really had R.A fooled her with act for awhile.
3/14 c50 Cecilio
That was actually pretty good, you didn't lose your skills, the first chapters from season 3 were not really good but this chapter was suprising good and looking forward towards it. Also I'm a bit interested in The Tornado Siblings and looking forward towards it, it seems that Total Loud Island, Louds vs the Forces of Evil and Fairy Tail Z are going to be on hiatus for a while, these three were the only ones I was looking forward towards it since Loud 10 was on hiatus but hey, at least Loud 10 is finally back and The Tornado Siblings is something I'm looking forward towards reading.
3/14 c50 9Harriet546
Amazing! Lincoln and the gang meet Sid for the first time, and the gang helped Ronnie Anne & Carlota beat Hex again and Charmcaster for the first time.
3/14 c50 1david arturo farfan soto 1998
you are going to continue with the crossover fic of lute 10 and mlp
3/14 c50 11OMAC001
Great re-intro for the series!
3/14 c50 Brendan
Good superohero name for carlota techno tornado
3/14 c50 tylerchavis97
Awesome! Glad you’re back at it. Totally worth the wait.
3/14 c50 11Mikedude Rocker10
I think Carlos is Carlotta's father.
3/14 c50 looneytyne22
Wow I actually forgot about this fic but then I remembered it when you finished the Total Drama Loud fic. I'm happy that you came back to this and I do appreciate the updated schedule.
3/14 c50 Bagnight
it's all right Glad You came back
3/14 c50 Bagnight
can loud 10 meet the helluva boss from alternate universe you should look at Mr heavy's fanfiction it's called helluva Loud luck?
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