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3/14 c50 6XLR8 The Fox
Oooh, nice chapter, nice to see Charmcaster in the story now, also I dodn't know she was 16 when she first appeared, thought she was a little older and its not the silver hair thing
3/14 c50 1waterlynx11
I hate this channel one of the greatest spongebob lines ever
3/14 c50 exfood999
What about Louds vs The Force of Evil?
3/5 c1 42643 Kirby town
2/28 c49 Guest
Welp, today marks 1 year since the last update,
So there is that.
3/2 c1 10evtrax
I don't have a problem with the playlist. I do however, have a question. Its a fact that amphibian comes from the Andromeda galaxy. The omnitrix only got that DNA sample in ultimate alien. Not a big nitpick, but I would like the question answered as to how the omnitrix has that particular alien in its roster.
2/18 c30 striker1036
A few of those lines in this series sound like their from dragonball z abridged.
11/20/2020 c7 loud ranger 1
Great chapter hope you update soon
10/20/2020 c49 Thorgrin
Well in an epicgrammatic way , is awesome ! Can't wait for the next update . Dude ' the author ' i love it .
10/4/2020 c49 FoxShotgaming
Don't listen to that guest take your time on this book
10/1/2020 c49 Guest
Alright then. Not my fault your a terrible story teller. Keep writing what you think it’s best, even thou it’s not. You get nothing.
9/30/2020 c1 15Ninjamon1228
To that guest that still wants me to cancel my story, nope. Not cancelled.

Still going, just taking a break from it to focus on other stiff, thats all. This story isn't and won't ever be cancelled. Deal with it.
9/30/2020 c49 Guillaum Grignar
You're doing great, I even have some ideas for the voices of Lincoln's Aliens: Vic Mignogna as Heatblast, Roger Craig Smith as Diamondhead, Dee Bradley Baker as Echo Echo, NRG, Fasttrack and Big Chill, Greg Cipes as AmpFibian, Todd Haberkorn as Grey Matter, John DiMaggio as Four Arms and Rath, Yuri Lowenthal as Feedback and Loud-Gax, Collin Dean as Upgrade, Tara Strong as Pesky Dust, Steve Blum as Ghostfreak, Benjamin Diskin as Goop. I think these voices would be perfect for the Aliens...
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