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12/28/2017 c9 Hawkeye
Well first off happy birthday and you did another great job can't wait how the next loud house episode gonna turn out keep it up
12/28/2017 c9 lampe.andrew1
great chapter and yep, Albert/Pop-Pop used to be a P.L.U.M.B.E.R. I wonder why they didn't two and two together when Tetrax said what he said about the white hair?
12/28/2017 c9 Guest
Ghostfreak shows up right and Lincoln use him or he escapes right and tells Lucy about the omitrix right
12/28/2017 c9 HEROS Central
Does that mean we’re going to see Ghostfreak?
12/27/2017 c8 Admins please delete account
By any chance was that Kevin's green and black Camaro you setup in this?
12/27/2017 c8 Guest
Looks like it's time for the three bounty hunters. Also when will Lincoln's family figure out about the omnitrix, especially considering it is a bulky wrist watch that they all seem to not notice?
12/27/2017 c8 Guest
So Lincoln used diamondhead and the car Leni wants was Kevin Levins Car
12/27/2017 c8 10Yellowpikmin88
This was really good having Leni pass her test. Though are you planning on Her and Lincoln confronting Lori in the next chapter where they could learn about her insecurities of not being needed by the family for anything?
12/27/2017 c8 Jonesy
I hope to see character development for all sisters and remember Lincoln isn't perfect too or his dad.

Loud episodes you could do... A novel idea, raw deal, sound of silence, no spoilers or the old and the restless.
You're so good!
12/27/2017 c8 qazse
I like that your developing Leni’s character and making her smart enough to be more aware. I also appreciate that she’s no longer part of the mob hive mind that her sisters make, now we just need to take care of Luna and Lucy. That’s seriously always bothered me, as soon as a few of the sisters started teasing and making fun of Lincoln, they ALL join in at humiliating him or even fighting him, regardless of how close they are to him. As well as blaming him for anything that goes wrong even if he wasn’t involved with it.
12/27/2017 c8 4Gamelover41592
awesome work on this chapter though I have to ask why did you take out Lori learning her moral?
12/27/2017 c8 2Gundamvid
Awesome a nice alternate ending from the original tv show XD
12/27/2017 c8 sucramstock
Cool, another chapter!
It feel like you created a Timeline as Lincoln with the Omnitrix, awesome!
Good job.
12/26/2017 c7 Hawkeye
I bet that Lincoln is gonna turn into upgrade to help leni pass her driving anyway love the action and I can't wait for more
12/26/2017 c7 qazse
I hope Side Effects is gonna be in the fic, with Fourarms having smelly hives in his armpits and Heatblast shooting ice, I’m curious to how Lincoln’s other aliens will be effected by his cold?
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