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12/22/2017 c6 HEROS Central
Uh, Lincoln doesn’t have a alien that survive being underwater. Maybe it’s time to get a new alien. Maybe Ripjaws, Overflow, or Water Hazard.
12/22/2017 c6 2Gundamvid
Awesome way for Lincoln to sneak through the house with the power of the Ominitrix XD
12/22/2017 c6 Jonesy
None of Lincoln's alien are underwater based so...BTW loved the way you handled Lori at the end and luan, Lisa and Luna.

Guess on Loud sister favorites alien based on the ten. The girls envy each alien and admire them.
diamond head - Lola (pretty and diamonds hello! :-) )
heatblast- Leni (first alien she ever saw)
goop - Lily (goo-goo! One of her favorites things)
Ampfibian - Lana (pun on amphibian she loves frogs like hops)
Four Arms - Lynn (Strong red and muscular!)
Big Chill - Luan (the ice puns! intangible then deliver a PUNch!)
upgrade - Lori (latest technology to talk to friends and Bobby)
Echo echo - Luna (Bring music up to an eleven! Killer sound!)
Grey matter - Lisa (Intelligent and a small body she can relate)
NRG! - Lucy (Being able to close yourself from the world in a cold metal suit ,poetically she likes him)
12/22/2017 c6 Hawkeye
Seriously whenever you do a loud house episode you always know how to make it funny. Also are you gonna put Clyde and Ronnie Ann in future chapters to cause that would be cool to keep it going
12/22/2017 c6 Guest
Will you be giving him some of the other aliens in the future
12/22/2017 c6 qazse
Now I have a question on Big Chill, from what I understand the alien breeds asexually every 80 years. And since Big Chill is the starter 10 in this story, will Lincoln be a father at somepoint?
12/22/2017 c6 Guest
Are you just doing the original series or are you going further like alien force, ultimate alien, and omniverse
12/22/2017 c6 4Gamelover41592
5 & 6: excellent work on these chapters especially 6 :)
12/22/2017 c5 Guest
Clyde is going to learn that Lincoln has the watch right and Lucy is going to see it to and Lincoln is going to tell her in the bathroom episode at the end
12/21/2017 c5 Hawkeye
I bet the only way for Lincoln to get Lori phone is by turning into grey matter he's so small no one can see him or big chill cause he can turn invisible anyway can't wait for the next
12/21/2017 c5 Jonesy
But in get the message has Clyde in it? So leni will be playing Clyde? How will that work?
Also Lincoln revealing himself probably wasn't good for him since he's the only kid with white hair.
Hope you update! Xoxo
12/21/2017 c5 1tomahawkESP
I like how you mix the loud house episodes with the Ben 10 adventures, but, (and this is just a small opinion of mine), you couldn’t’ve had the loud family visiting DC because of lols being in a pageant or Lisa getting the award that Animo is after? Just a little thing that bothered me because “Michigan BC” just felt weird. But overall, good chapter! KEEP IT UP!
12/21/2017 c4 tomahawkESP
Funny episode
12/21/2017 c5 Guest
Lincoln will meet his future self.
12/21/2017 c4 Guest
They are getting supspecies of Lincoln soon
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