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9/20/2020 c43 2Ashton Giertz
dug? I thought this was a cave, not a tunnel. caves are naturally formed by rivers.
9/18/2020 c42 Ashton Giertz
I mean, alien force retconed a LOT of stuff from the original series. Like Kevin's superpowers changing from absorbing and releasing energy like a battery to absorbing the properties of nearby matter. Or Gwen's magic aura being replaced with alien DNA. Or the circus freaks being aliens instead of actually being circus freaks. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if that bug guy was retconed into being an alien despite most established aliens up until Omniverse were more advanced than simply humans with a different skin color, and muted blues and greens are commonly used in cartoons for pale and/or sickly skin tones.

But then again, it seems that Alien Force holds a special place in your heart. I mean, it has to if you're having Lincoln doing the "shouting out the name of the alien I transformed into" thing introduced in alien force.
9/16/2020 c49 Jacob Cook
I know this chapter was done months ago. But judging by what the next chapter's called i got a hunch. I think Ronnie Anne might become yandere at the whole Lincoln and Wendy being together thing, almost. Just saying.
9/13/2020 c30 Ashton Giertz
ROFL, I literally just found out the history of the Leeroy Jenkins meme the other day, and was just thinking about them doing that skit when they were at the castle entrance. So when you actually did it two scenes later I completely lost it!
9/11/2020 c49 Guest
Ah what, so no Clynn? Well that sucks.
9/6/2020 c23 Ashton Giertz
Ok, Lincoln's choice to reveal himself before transforming was a terrible idea. He should have transformed from behind the crate. Now the forever knights know what he looks like. For someone who doesn't want people targeting his family because of him, Lincoln isn't doing much to hide his identity.
9/5/2020 c8 Ashton Giertz
you know, this take on Driving Miss Hazy got me thinking; is this really the first time Lori has done this sort of thing? Maybe the reason Leni is so incompetent in the show is because Lori's been putting her down her entire life, drilling into her head that she's useless.
8/30/2020 c49 9Ohma flame
Damn...this was a good chapter please...continue
8/11/2020 c26 1Foxykid
my god, the reference to red vs blue cracked me up. also love your work and i hope you do more like this in the future keep it up!
8/7/2020 c1 Brendan
Just give him some time he will update
8/4/2020 c49 ARC-5597
Just curious when do you plan to update this story?
7/24/2020 c49 Guillaume Grignard
Thanks for this chapter, it was full of emotions (about Phil and Albert) and Rath was awesome! By the way, I have a question about the future Aliens that Lincoln will unlock in the future chapters: will Ripjaws, Cannonbolt, Snare-Oh, Perk!Upchuck, Ditto and Way Big be the next transformations? And also, good luck for your others stories, I hope you'll have fun with that!
7/20/2020 c49 Dr PeePeePeters
Will all of Lincoln's aliens have the voice of Dee Bradley Baker like in AF and UA?
7/5/2020 c49 1Omniverse of fiction
Great story love the DBZA refrences also like the starting set of aliens
6/29/2020 c49 Brendan
Take your time
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