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5/6/2018 c1 14Ademonmeetsanangel
I love papa Hawkeye
3/5/2018 c1 8Alaster Boneman
well this was adorable and finally someone scratch my description itch. I cant tell you how much I love elaborations, discretion's and emotional subtext. it makes me all giddy. while there could always be more , I'm and glad that you at least made an effort.

ahhh the ever sassy/sarcastic and syndical hawkeye how we missed you.

I have to admit I was a little off put by wanda calling Clint 'dad' when she was a grown women by the time the avangers met her and her bro. so its a little weird for me for her to be calling someone she's only really known for what 2 years now? dad. even if its just a term of affection. but I have to say it grew on me, if there was more chapters exploring this, I'm sure I would feel different. but for now its ok, just slightly weird.

I have to say Clint and Wanda's conversation about love, feeling and relation ships was very well thought out and natural. and forgive me for this doubt that I must voice, but was this your own words or was it taken from 'wind river' as I have a hard time believing clint, in the MCU could be this syndical. when he is the only avenger to have a stable romantic relationship.

don't get me wrong I love sassy/sarcastic and syndical hawkeye in the comics as those elements help defuse his more unlikable quality's. but while we see some of the former two, sassy/sarcastic in the movies again...syndical feels abit off.

other wise this was a farly entertaining chapter, and I hope to see more. The sass must flow. and I must see more adorable 'dadhawk and witch' I give this a 7/10

Yours Alaster Boneman
12/14/2017 c1 40Black' Victor Cachat
I would have been happy to Beta read this :'-(

Saving myself from seeing that trailer myself

Love the father-daughter interaction, and I definitely see what you mean about Cinderella! X-D

Like the good and bad side of love, although it does leave me wanting to know more about Clint's own marriage

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