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5/20 c10 whatsnaptime
more pls this is one of my favorites
5/13 c11 14Love Faith Embers
I love this chapter! I can't wait for more of the story!
3/13 c11 ankoku696
When will the next chapter be ready
3/1 c11 whatsnaptime
please please please would love some more. the wedding and after
2/20 c11 M
2/12 c11 1Morena Black
I love this so so so much!
2/11 c11 1evfangirl98
Love it
2/6 c11 3paskinmath
I have loved almost every one of your stories. But this one really makes me smile. I love the story as much as I do, and on top of it it’s one of the better depictions of A typical gender presentation acceptance. It’s just part of the background of the story, granted a significant part, but the story isn’t about that. He just wrote us an absolutely wonderfully lovely story where we see it. So many of the stories make it the focus rather than incidental and normal in the background of an otherwise interesting story. I love how natural it is in yours and what a beautiful picture it paints of how people can be if we work at it.
1/29 c11 M. H
This story is so beautiful and beyond amazing. I can’t wait to see what comes next. It’s sure to be great. I love the way you portray the characters. Hope that makes sense. Anyway hope you have an amazing day.
1/29 c11 kittykat2018
This story is fantastic. My only wish was there was even more to enjoy may it be more chapters or sequel!
1/24 c11 autumngold
Thank you for your excellent update! Rodolphus and Harry are so precious in your story. You do a great job showing the headaches of any wedding and the natural doubts that come before. Beautiful story!
1/23 c11 1JustAReader248
Awww i live it its just so adorable
1/23 c11 sillygabby
Great chapter!
I look forward to seeing what shenanigan happens next!
1/23 c11 FotoDi
This is a lovely romance….

I love Percy

I love Sirius and Severus…. Especially Severus threatening to poison Rodolphus & teaching Harry 100 ways to poison someone and get away with it!

I love Harry’s outfits.

I love the Family Dynamic that Harry attracts among his pseudo-family: Sirius & Remus Tonks Bump. Add Highly protective snarky Severus who has begun dating one of his ‘Hogwarts Archenemies’ Sirius Nlack —on the Down low. Add ‘elder brother’ Percy Weasley. Add dramatic Slytherin BFF Draco Malfoy. Ad the boisterous and irrepressible Weasley Twins as mischievous ‘siblings’ and quiet Neville in the periphery. The Fame-whores James & Lily Potter have no place within this irreverent, touchy-freely support group. Actually, your AU Lily & James are shallow boots on humanity.

What does your AU James do? Is he an Auror? Is he just a Wizengamot Lord who parties constantly, throws his money around, and tries to live his life in the public eye?

I totally adore the older Irish Couple — Moira & Regy. Their backstory is surprising & moving. KUDOS!

What happened to the Horcruxes in this story?
Harry is still a parselmouth….

Harry is 18 years old but he still has one more year of school…. That doesn’t compute. Harry in Canon is one of the youngest in his Hogwarts year (7/31/1980). So, he would be 16 if he still had a year of Schoolingeft to complete. The Weasley twins, born on April Fools day in 1978, are 2 years older than Harry. In canon the Twins withdrew from Hogwarts 3-4 months before the end of their 7th year. Also canon Weasley Twins never actually took their NEWTs and they surprisingly each only earned 3 OWLs. Canon Harry gave the Twins his TRIWIZARD PRIZE money of 1000 Galleons at the end of his 4th year/their 6th year (June 1995). Your AU Harry 2 years earlier in your AU Timeline decided to invest 1000 Galleons — which constituted much of the only money that remained in his educational trust account that had not spent by his profligate irresponsible parents.


Is your AU Dumbledore dead? You never mention him.

Since your AU Lily & James Potter are alive, they must have survived the Dark Lord’s attack on Godric’s Hollow back in October 1981. What happened? Were the Potter parents out at an ORDER OF THE Phoenix Meeting that night? If yes, who was babysitting Harry? If your AU James & Lily were home, why did Lord Voldemort not kill them?

All we know for sure is that your AU Harry James Potter was credited with vanquishing the Dark Lord Voldemort & ending the war back in 1981. And, James & Lily Potter both developed ‘Fat heads’ and bloated egos from being celebrated as the Parents of Harry Potter, The Savior.

Your AU Harry is not called the BOY WHO LIVED. Did he still survive the AVADA KEDAVRA Curse when he was only 15 month old? Did your AU Protagonist Harry Potter still defeat the Dark Lord that Halloween night back in 1981?

What happened to Pettigrew?

Rodolphus LeStrange’s paterfamilias- his Grandfather, signed a contract with Lord Arcturus Black that pledged a formal engagement & eventual marriage between the then teenaged Rodolphus and Bellatrix Black. Both teens signed the contract at Gringotts — as per law. But they were not in love or even a hood match. Bellatrix was arguably a powerful but viscous witch — perhaps even a psychopath — who was 100% obsessed with the Dark Lord. Rodolphus, Rabastan, and their parents Renato and Gillian were bound by tradition, education, social class, and law to obey their Paterfamilias — who was a marked and rabid follower of Lord Voldemort — probably attended Hogwarts with Tom Marvolo Riddle and was one of the Knights of Wslourgis, too. After Grandfather LeStrange was arrested, convicted and sent to Azkaban Prison (1981-…) he couldn’t hold the Lordship. So as per the rules of primogeniture, Renato became Lord and his eldest son Rodolphus became Heir Lord. Somehow just before the Dark Lord’s defeat in 1981 Renato & Rodolphus broke the iron-clad engagement contract with Bellatrix Black — which among purebloods means he broke his oath and showed dishonor. The whole LeStrange family suffered for almost 15 years from this egregious social stigma.

What happened to your AU Bellatrix Black? I don’t think she, Barty Crouch Jr, Rodolphus & Rabastan attacked The Longbottoms after Lord Voldemort was defeated on the night of Samhain in 1981. The Longbottom are still healthy, powerful and working as DMLE Aurors in this story. Your AU Neville did not suffer by having to use his Father’s ill-suited wand as he did in canon, but your Neville still was sorted into Gryffindor, was widely perceived to be almost a squib and was in fact a shy introverted Herbology prodigy.

I doubt there was a Basilisk attack in Harry’s 2nd year.
Sirius was never falsely imprisoned in Azkaban l.

Moony still met, dated, fell in love, and married Nymphadora Tonks. Remus writes DEFENCE TEXTS . What does Tonks do..,? [Still an Auror with the DMLE?] TONKS is about 3-5 months pregnant with Baby Teddy. Remus & Tonks live in their own house.

Andromeda Tonks lives and enjoys lighting up her cousin and family paterfamilias SIRIUS BLACK. Is Ted Tonks still alive?

Does this mean Harry has OWLs but not NEWTS?
I don’t think your AU Harry can legally apparate, correct?
1/22 c11 Auriane07
I love the story soooooo much
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