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2/21 c18 VileMaverick
Not the best waifu! D:
2/13 c18 EC3
Are you ever gonna do a sequel to Dragon Ball Melody?
2/13 c18 EC3
are you ever gonna do a sequel of Dragon Ball Melody, its been years now
1/9 c18 187
Damn what a coincidence right as I finished Darksiders Genesis (and with that I finish the franchise) a new chapter drops. Neat!
War is right that the Rating games are actually pointless games especially when a real war breaks out because even those who did good in these games scored high they would likely run when they think the odds are against them. What most Devils along with many Demons have in common is that the one thing they all value most is there lives, of course there are some exceptions like how Lilith told Death that if he tried to basically make her his servant through threats she would fight him and the Council with everything she has even if she died in the effort. However someone’s life is not always the most important thing to people because unlike Devils or Demons we are aware that Death will come for us or will be driven to complete a goal even if we die in the end because we value this goal more then our own lives. This gives people a perspective that many of the supernatural races lack and in a way our weakness is also our strength because people can’t fly or have super strength to achieve our goals so we have to try other more harder ways or keep moving forward even when it hurts.

In regards to how certain aspects of the Highschool DXD universe have been changed because of the implementation of the Darksiders universe something that could shake things up in the story is how the enemies beyond the Dimensional Gap do not have to be what they were in the Highschool DXD universe but something else entirely like how one author who made a Highschool DXD crossover story instead used the Cthulhu universe for what was beyond the gap but this is just one example. As for how such enemies could be drawn to the Highschool DXD universe or corrupted into abominations of themselves like what has been happening in this story The Tree of Life could be the reason Corruption has spread so far and Corruptions ally or corrupted companion could be Odin because of how his realm has a version of the Tree of Life and either through threats to Odin’s people or the man underestimating just how dangerous Corruption is Odin could wind up like Archon Lucien.
1/9 c18 3BoilingPoints30
nice for you to be back. it's been a long time.
1/9 c18 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
1/9 c18 1nantono
ok as long as everything goes to the horsemen everything will be fine, my final will be death killing absalom or war with the others killing abaddon
1/9 c18 5Gamelover41592
0-0 wow, so what made you do this?

also welcome back
1/9 c18 Dasgun
1/9 c18 Super heavy weapons guy
it lives
6/22/2023 c17 1nantono
Hey edgelord you have made a slight improvement to death, which is the only relevant thing in this story with his brothers besides the gods xD
6/21/2023 c17 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
6/21/2023 c17 Dasgun
6/20/2023 c17 DOOMRAIDER
Regarding the title of this chapter along with others being against the War and Rias romance it isn’t that surprising really. Those two just don’t click and I’m not talking about how War is a warrior as opposed to Rias who at the best of times could be called a reluctant combatant who would rather use their words or influence as opposed to their fists. If that was the only thing then I could see a relationship between them like how Superman and Lois get along or Goku and Chi-Chi, but the underlying problem is their ideals and commitment to causes. Let’s be honest here, almost all of the Devils from Highschool DXD are selfish and wouldn’t actually care if all other species in Creation died except them apart from their disappointment from the lack of peerages (slave basically) for manpower. In fact there is only a handful of Devils that would be willing to die for their cause and while Devils have fought in wars those were either because they got dragged into them or because they didn’t want to be deprived of their desires like a drug addict refusing to stop taking drugs. The same applies with Rias because she has been shown to be selfish and manipulative when she allowed those Fallen Angels to be in her territory despite her duty to get them out of there and instead took advantage of the situation to get Issei to become her pawn and would not have even saved Asia if Issei hadn’t put himself in harms way. War on the other hand is a warrior with a cause and has even shown himself to be willing to die for the cause of keeping the Balance and in defense of his brothers. These traits are why I can’t see a relationship happening between War and Rias but as shown with Uriel who stood in defiance of War on their first meeting because of her duty despite knowing it was suicidal to go against War she did so anyway because she was a warrior which War acknowledged at that moment and every time since he saw her.

Perhaps MysticVegito you could have a vote in the story if War should get together with Rias or Uriel. If Uriel does get chosen perhaps she could be an ambassador/spy for the Horsemen (especially War after what he did in Heaven during the Grand Abomination Vault event) to show them that Heaven is interested in the alliance between the recent alliance between multiple factions that the Horsemen have made.
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