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8/16/2020 c118 CF2
So,at lat I'm at the

end of,"To Life Being Full ."

This has been quite the journey.

So looks like everyone

is going to be

involved in the

Legends finale.

And the time travel

aspect is a great

way to get everyone

to help and back to deal

with their own finale


So sounds like

not everyone is going.

Kara & Barry are

the keys

while others stay behind

to keep an eye on things.

Good choices

on who gets to go

and it makes sense

for Alura to

stay behind.

LOL to Curtis

reaction to


Kara seems so

happy everytime

she gets to

articulate that

her mom is alive.

YES to sisters

in arms.

Great moment

to end this book on.

Amazing job on this

whole book.

So happy I have

the next book already

waiting to start.

Hope to get to that this week.
8/16/2020 c117 CF2
On to the

conclusion of this


LOL to Slade's

reaction to

Alex's gun.

Alex in command


Nice seeing William

being helpful.

For once kryptonite

bullets are a good thing.

Slade & Lucy

join the action.

I love how Kara

tricks Vita.

Great moment

between Oliver

and his son.

Awesome moment

of the other

heroes arriving.

LOL to the Doctor Who


Love seeing everyone


Such a cool moment

of everyone shooting

the vial of blood.

So glad to have Thea back.

And the banter between

Malcolm & Slade.

Love Alura's reaction

to them,the famly,

, and so

love the Evelyn

and Kara


Aww,the hug between

Ruby,William and

Evelyn is so great.

I hope you keep

Sam and Ruby

present when you

get into season 4

of Supergirl.

I hated losing then

on the show and

I so love the dynamic

that has developed

between the


I don't want to

lose that.

Nice comment to

Ruby from Kara.

Again,I really enjoy

seeing Lena & Max

working the science.

Also love seeing

everyone together

working the situation

involving Sam.

Yes,I hate Oliver

having to relive

what happed to

Kara at Reign's hands.

Yay to Sam being a


So,the other heroes

need Team Supergirl's

help to deal with their

finale problems.

Another great chapter.

Can't believe I just

got the epilogue


So happy to

know that I have

the start of

the next book

waiting though.
8/16/2020 c116 CF2
Right onto

Part 2 of this


Nice term since

I remember being the

kid watching out


I miss Winn

(loved having him

back for three episodes

in season 5).

Love having Oliver

there when Kara


her fathers lab

and acknowledging

her father's ring

around his neck.

Yes,wish the Queen

boys could of met

him too but it is

a gift that they now

have met Alura.

I do like whenever

Max & Lena work

together in your


Slade is aquick trigger.

Yes,Slade steps

up and calls Alex in.

Great test question

from Slade.

Like seeing Alura react

to the banter between

Oliver & her daughter.

Okay,I have to talk

about the scene between

William & Alura.

I want to thank you so

much for only

do we get to see

William and his soon

to be other grandmother


We get to see some

addressing of William calling

Kara his mom.

I so wanted more of that.

It's understandable why

William would worry

that he's betraying

his birth mom and

so love Alura's answer

to him.

It's so true.

I love how Alura

sees the love Kara

has for William.

That she already

loves him as

her son.

It's also brilliant

how you parallel

Alura's fears about

meeting Eliza.

But again,she's so


Eliza is just as much

Kara's mother as she is.

And we know how

greatful she is that

Kara had Eliza.

It's the same deal

with Samantha.

I have no doubt

Samantha would be

grateful to have

Kara be a mom

to her son especially

if she couldn't

be there.

And Kara & Samantha

already knew eachother

and liked eachother.

This was such a great

scene and I hope

it paves the way

for Kara and William

to talk later on,maybe

in the next book,"

Till Death Do Us Part."

I can imagine once things

calm down,it will hit

Kara that William called

her his mom.

I think this is going

to mean so much to her.

especially if she's

worried about replacing


and William basically

telling her what

Alura told him.

That Kara isn't replacing


She's just

as much William's

mom as his birth

mother is.

Awesome job

on this chapter

especially the

William & Alura


I so agree,loving

their relationship.
8/16/2020 c115 CF2
It's taking me

a little while to

catch up

but I'm on to

"Make It Reign

Part 1."

I call the sisters,

the three witches.

Oliver would know

all about a hidden


I'm surprised,William

is joining them.

I liked that William's

first thoughts are

for Ruby and her mom.

Not surprised that

Alex is struggling

with her feelings

for Slade and what

it means for her


Alex may realize

she's actually


That was a real great

goodbye between

Alex & J'onn's father.

and like the added

bit of Slade comforting

her at the end.

Aww,love that little

moment between


& Kara.

Nice little callback

to Arrow Season 3.

Yes,William would react

to Ruby losing her


His big fear has

been losing his

dad(and I'm sure

he feels that way

about Kara too).

Love how Kara saves

William while

Oliver saves Thara

and Alura.

Max being

I really want them

to come back soon too

especially for Ruby's sake.

Great start to this

8/4/2020 c114 CF2
I wanted to get

to the conclusion of

,"Not Kansas"

over the weekend

but was too tied

up to dive in like I

like to do.

I so want to get to

the finale series

,"Till Death Do Us Part"

but I don't want to rush through

the last parts of,"To Life Being Full."

On to the chapter.

Max is noticing the


Good points from

Slade to J'onn

about the guns.

Mon-El being

apart of the guns

storyline of the

episode works.

It's a small role

in comparison

to the actual episode

since there he's

Kara's love interest

and on Argo with

her but he fits

in here pretty


Ouch to Slade.

Kara was very beautiful

during this Argo sequence

on the show.

Kara/Melissa always looks

great but I thought

she had a very natural

look during this scene

on the show.

Yes,Kara's smile

can certainly lighten


I so love William

running to Kara

and giving her a hug

and her laugh

and hug back.

I'm so glad William

likes Alura.

I know that must

mean a lot to

Kara that her

soon to be son

and her birth

mom get along.

LOL to William's


He's a smart cookie.

Love you showing

how happy Kara

is having

Oliver there with

her on Argo

Yes,like that,"that's

my boy" comment.

Aww.I love the

second hug from

William to Kara

(I just love when

William shows affection

for Kara.)

and Oliver's kiss.

Oliver telling her

that he would follow

her anywhere is

very romantic and

I certainly believe it.

And William's add on

for himself is the cherry

on top.

I LOVE! when Kara

calls Oliver & Wiliam

her boys.

That term of affection

she uses for them

gets me all the time.

I think it really shows

how special

they are to her

and how much

she loves them.

And another aspect

of why I love it

goes back to Oliver's

trial that really put it

into words for me.

As capable as

Oliver is,Kara

will always watch

out for him & William.

As she said there.

She'll fight for both

of them,she'll protect

the both of them and

she'll save both of them.

That was such a perfect

representation of

what being 'her

boys' means

to me.

And really love

Oliver calling

Kara their girl.

I really like the relationship

that's developed between

William & Evelyn.

I would love for

Oliver & Kara

to permanently

take Evelyn


Kara's right though.

They need a bigger

place to live(I'm still

thinking Oliver & William

will be moving to

Kara's earth).

I love her loft but

I think it's already

too small with


At the beginning of

this series,we learned

that Kara got a foldout

sofa bed for when Oliver

and William stay over

for William

but once they live

together permanently

I think they need a bigger

place to live.

William needs his own

room and Oliver & Kara

need more privacy for

their bedroom than

a curtain dividing

the one bedroom

from the rest of the


And if they take in

Evelyn,than they

would need a three

bedroom place.

OMG! You just made

my night.

William called


William calling

Kara his mom is HUGE!

I so was waiting to

get to this moment.

I didn't know if we


We've seen

Kara & Wiliams

relationship develop

from being a hero

to a friend

to a paternal relationhip.

We already know Kara

loves William as a son

and we've gotten the vibe

that William sees Kara

in a mother role to him

now and loves her

just as much as she

loves him.

But I didn't know if

William would actually

call Kara his mom.

I mean,Kara sees

Eliza as a mother

to her but usually

calls her by her first


Would William

do the same?

I'm so happy

that he called

Kara his mom.

I was hoping for

it after the marriage

so this was a very

nice surprise.

I really hope

there is follow-up

to this.

I think this will

mean a lot to Kara

and hope in a moment

of calm we get

some reaction from

her and Oliver.

I know Kara would never

want to try to replace

Samantha but

William calling

her his mom

has to touch her

heart in a big way

and mean a lot

to her.

Even without powers,

Kara will do everything

she can to protect

her son.

I like seeing

Alex play nurse to Slade.

Really great scene

between them.

And yes,I do get


Slade has really grown

in your series too.

Glad Max learned his

lesson about playing

with kryptonite.

Seems like Max will

be filling Lena's

role with the


More of those


It is ironic that

Alex wants to be

a mom and

Kara is the one

already with the


But Slade raises

good points.

Even Alex is realizing

their vibes

Amazing chapter

and love the development

on the Kara & William


So want more.
7/28/2020 c118 castlefamily4

You have the dubious honor of being the first fanfiction author to whom I've sent a review. :D
I just want you to know that I have loved reading this entire series, and I'll be sad when it's finally finished. It's been my favorite fanfiction series (collections) of ALL the different fanfiction worlds / series / shows / movies (etc.) that I read.

Thank you for sticking with this book - To Life Being Full. I was so excited to see that the "Fury Rogue" chapters (and more!) were posted. I can't imagine how difficult all this was to write. 118 chapters! Wow! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it, too.
Thank you, again!
7/27/2020 c118 10Flashraven
AND WE ARE OFF TO THE WILD WEST. Mallus, prepare to face not just dear Captain Sara Lance and the Legends, but the likes of Oliver Queen, his brothers and sister in arms, his super-powered Kryptonian fiancee Kara Danvers, her faithful sister Alex, Mon-El and Imra of the Legion, AND the Scarlet Speedster of Central City aka Barry Allen, else otherwise known as the Flash, and Cisco Ramon aka Vibe.

Here we go go GO, WritersBlock, onto the start of your new finales containing story addition to this incredible series 'Till Death Do Us Part' I now go. Once again, I congratulate you so much on at last reaching the end of this story itself after a long ride of two and a half years originating all the way back to Christmas of 2017, you are so our Queen
7/27/2020 c117 Flashraven
OH MY GOD, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Barry, Cisco, the rest of Team Arrow, Malcolm and Evelyn and Laurel, Leo and Ray from Earth X, AND the biggest surprise of all, our absolute dears Thea and Roy and bad ass former League girl Nyssa Al Ghul, as well as of course the Legion themselves, whose extremely timely arrival prevented yet another death from happening, that of Agent Demos, all appeared to help out with destroying the vials of blood. WritersBlock, if ever you weren't totally and utterly deservedly worthy of the title Queen of Fanfiction before, then by god you are totally unarguably worthy of it now, hands down, no argument whatsoever. I would hug ya if we ever got the chance of meeting in person one day, haha.

And of course, William and Evelyn's reunion with Ruby, as well as Evelyn's with Kara, were nothing but absolutely one hundred million percent sweet and perfect as there ever could be classed as to be, god have I loved the kids so much throughout the course of this story, and I really mean that to the max. And now Sam prepares to face her most major nightmare once again and enter the Dark Valley to defeat Reign once and for all- all I'll say is... I am ready.

But first, hoohoo, no need to tell me just what our other Earth 1 teams have come to fetch Oliver and Kara for- the trouble with Mallus which the Legends have had so much trouble dealing with over the course of their third season. And as I love the Legends so much more than I ever did before, completely disregarding what other less favourable idiots have to say on the matter, I will say, let's go go GO
7/27/2020 c116 Flashraven
Cute, CUTE? Is that all you can say about Alura and William's interactions with each other, eh, WritersBlock, haha? Cos they were far FAR more than just THAT, hand over heart touchingly sweet, adorable and absolutely nothing but the most biggest amounts of beautiful in the whole wide universe, THAT is what they were, her words to him about calling Kara 'mom' after she and Oliver properly marry only strengthened all that beyond its levels. Just yet another reason why I absolutely cannot wait for that wedding to happen.

Slade being at the DEO with the moments in there definitely made 'em so much more funnier and good to enjoy, but, again he used the wrong word for Malcolm, lol. "It's magician" as the other man would say, haha. But now, hoohoohoo, big BIG trouble's just arrived- where're those reinforcements?
7/26/2020 c114 nick lindsey
sounds like Alex and Slade might get together?
7/25/2020 c114 mmat
Can't wait for it and will you write any more stories with Barry/Sara as the pairing?
7/27/2020 c115 Flashraven
HOLY SHIT (pardon my tongue), and now, after a two and a half year long ride, the utterly amazing nothing but amazing to enjoy and love so much 'To Life Being Full' is finally complete, I see. Well done you, WritersBlock, you well and truly have finally finished your journey, well, will do once the finales are all done- I did see the starter to the story addition which'll depict those, don't worry, it's in my favourites and will be read this very evening my time, I swear it-, but once again I congratulate you, our Queen. Anyway, personal stuff said, let's get into this...

Huh, not if Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson and Laurel Lance of Earth 2 aka the Dark Archer, the mighty Deathstroke and Black Siren, as well as of course all their other vast number of allies, have anything to say about it, Selena, you traitorous piece of work. Just you wait and see. I so hope to god our Super couple and young William get back to Earth in time, cos god, poor Sam... here it all goes again for her, except this time it's the totally other way round. Dear Ruby's gonna need William and Evelyn by her sides during all this, that much I can well and truly say.

With Alex, well, what can I say? Slade being there to comfort her when M'yrnn revealed what he did was absolutely the most perfect level of sweetness and hand over heart touchingness as there could ever be for this chapter. All the more reason why I really really wish for those two to officially hook up properly for real in the near future
7/27/2020 c113 CF2

You finished

this book and started

a new one to cover

all the season finales

for this season.

You must of got your

writing mojo back.

Can't believe how

many chapters

I have waiting

for me after

this one.

On to 'Not Kansas'

Part 2.

The M'yrnn story was

such a strong element

of season 3.

Slade will fit in

well to the DEO

gun plot of

this episode.

I love seeing

Kara so happy.

I like seeing William

meeting other

kryptonians like


Oliver is right

about trusting

your instincts

and trusting Kara's.

Love the little

affectionate moment

of Kara putting her

head on Oliver's shoulder.

It's good that Lena

is helping Team Flash

(with Harry).

Good idea bringing

Lucy & Max into

the gun storyline.

Lucy & Max's opinions

on guns makes sense.

Seeing Eve makes me

wonder if you will

play out her

story from

season 4/5 with

Lex and Leviathan

when you

get to that


I actually am curious

how Max would/will

fit into the Lex stuff

since he was originally

brought on in season

1 to sort of fill the

role Lex plays with

Superman since they

couldn't use Lex Luthor

back then.

Max is reformed now

in your story but

his interplay with

Lex could be interesting

since he had Luthor's

mindset at one time.

It's good for William

to get to spend

time with his

future grandmother.

Yes,Oliver can tell

when someone isn't

telling the truth.


instincts are like


Kara is also rght

to trust Oliver's

instincts too

especially after


Great scene

with Oliver & Kara

and Oliver taking

her lead since this

is her home world.

Yes,Kara & Oliver

will always be heroes

at heart.

I so love the

close of this chapter

and the two showing

their love for

each other.

Especially Kara's

"ILY too...so much"

Always adore the

Oliver/Kara romantic


Great job on

this chapter.
7/26/2020 c114 Flashraven
Well, in terms of absolute perfection when it comes to our infamous Deathstroke boy Slade interacting with Alex and discussing all things parenthood and kids, not to mention their moments together just after Slade helped with taking down that crazy desperado Mr Willis, I would say that you did the job absolutely one hundred million percent perfect to the VERY last indeed, WritersBlock, my dear Queen, and for that I can credit you beyond my wildest dreams, haha. Man did you do absolutely amazing at it indeed. I so hope to honest god that they DO get together in the near future, they'd BETTER do so, Slade has not had a single big ounce of happiness ever since the mad insane Dr Ivo took Shado away from him almost ten years ago on Lian Yu and instigated what the Mirakuru made Slade into for a few years, Arrow season 2 included very much of course when I say that, and as Malcolm has that pleasure now with Laurel, it's time to complete the circle and give it to our Deathstroke boy.

Back with our SuperArrow couple and the lovely William, well, WHAT CAN I SAY? Their scenes together before the traitor Felra attacked 'em with a drone and then of course enabling Selena to steal their ship in order to escape to Earth and begin the process of awakening Reign once again, and especially the moment when William called Kara 'mom', which only highlights just how absolutely real it'll so well and truly be very VERY soon, once again touch you right down to the core of your heart, and so did Oliver's promise to follow his fiancee to hell and back, no matter how deep it is. God, come on come on, let's bring on the wedding, I need it so so bad, but not until of course Reign, Mallus, Devoe AND the sickest outta all of them Mr Diaz have all been dealt with first of course.

Let's have that next chapter and the start to next episode up ASAP, I'm absolutely bursting for it, I need it so badly, come on
7/26/2020 c113 Flashraven
Happy Kariver indeed, our site queen WritersBlock. Man were Ollie and Kara's moments, with or without young William, and especially at the end, certainly the most absolutely beautiful and deep down to the heart touching outta all the chapter once again, just another reason why I love ya so much as an author and a good friend.

Thank god our beloved boy William avoided another repeat of Supergirl episode 3x01 by getting dropped under a falling whatever, I tell ya something, when the traitorous bitch Selena shows her true hand, she'll be wishing dearly she hasn't yet met the great Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson and Laurel Lance of Earth 2 aka the Dark Archer, Deathstroke and Black Siren, if THOSE three were there as well... NO ONE makes an attempted hit on our Arrow boy Oliver and his superpowered alien fiancee Kara, their brother and little sister in arms, without suffering the consequences for it.

And again, loved the interactions between our Earth bound crew members too, again I can't express enough of how glad I am you brought our season 1 friends dear Lucy Lane and Maxwell Lord back, after the stupid fat bearded useless pathetic oaf Uncle Guggie and his cronies wasted 'em after that season like everything else they always seem to do
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