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for Fast 9 - Going The Extra Mile

1/21 c16 RYJAN
You know I keep enjoying this Chapter with this Girl Fight, imagine if Riley survived and wanted Revenge too. 6 on 3 with Cipher, Kara & Riley taking them all on. !
6/30/2020 c17 RYJAN
Glad to see you finished this story, my Favorite Chapter was the one where Mia & Monica bonded. It would be cool if Mia made Monica the Godmother of Daisy !
6/30/2020 c17 Whitelion69
This was a very good story.
4/10/2019 c15 RYJAN
So this is the Final Chapter of this Story, you had me going for quite some Time. I loved it, but yeah sometime down the Road a story involving Mia, Letty, Monica, Gisele, Elena, Ramsey & Suki. Once again Great Job
2/3/2019 c5 Watson Smith
I think you should do the Fast & Furious: Next Generation story after this story, because i am a HUGE fan of the franchise!
10/18/2018 c13 RYJAN
This was Great, imagine Mia & Monica fighting side by side each other !
10/10/2018 c13 15white collar black wolf
Liked it
8/1/2018 c12 RYJAN
Like what The Rock says (FINALLY), I really liked that they got along with each other and are now becoming Best Friends. Maybe do a Chapter where Mia & Monica go on a Missions together (Girls gotta stick together). Or even a Story, cuz I'm actually hoping that Eva Mendes reprises her Role as Monica Fuentes, maybe she'll team up with Mia.
8/1/2018 c12 white collar black wolf
Liked it
7/30/2018 c11 Watson Smith
I love this story, and having Brian meet his younger half-sister and the sister of Samantha Hobbs is amazing! Please update soon because i will keep reading this story and when will we see chapter 12 and the Shaw family!?
7/3/2018 c11 RYJAN
How interesting and Ironic you have Madison Pettis play Casey (since she and Dwayne starred in the Game Plan back in 2007). Do a Chapter with Mia & Monica teaming up !
6/28/2018 c11 white collar black wolf
Liked it
6/5/2018 c10 white collar black wolf
Liked it
5/14/2018 c3 RYJAN
You know, its a shame that Elena's still not alive, I would've loved to see her, Letty, Monica, Gisele & Suki take her on 5 against 1. !
5/12/2018 c9 cj levesque
Love the story can't wait for the next update
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