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for Its Okay to Cry Sometimes

3/17 c1 Anonymous
Love it! The only problem that I can think of is that Dipper’s apology might be a bit untrue. I feel like he shouldn’t have taken all of the blame. Maybe he could say that it was both of their faults and not just his? I’m not a Mabel hater and I don’t think it was all her fault, but I don’t think it was all Dipper’s fault, either.
Sorry I’m late, but the fic was really good. Write more if possible!
9/27/2018 c1 Kelly 101
Amazing and heart warming~
12/15/2017 c1 19AllenbysEyes
This was a nice story, thanks.
12/15/2017 c1 Guest
there needs to be more stories like this where mabel feels guilty for causing weirdmageddon and being a terrible sister in general. this is good, aside from the part where dipper apologized instead of her. he needs to stop forgiving her so easily and stop blaming himself for every mistake mabel makes.
12/15/2017 c1 1NoUsernamesAreAvailable
It's okay to cry after reading this beautifully-crafted amazingly written masterpiece of a story
I'll die from reading this 24/7
By Golly Holly
This is one hell of a damn good story
You have a way with words
Praise you for being alive
Your writing is too outstanding to not be read

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