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5/15 c33 kolodny
Came across your story and have been enjoying reading it the past few days. Hope you are feeling better and look forward to an update if/when you are able. Cheers!
4/19 c33 5Omega-Maharan
I hope you're doing OK and that you will come back, You have said that you're going into the medical Career But This time an age especially after this damn pandemic, I really do feel for your mental health and I am sorry for whatever you will go through or whatever you are going through.. Just know you have fans here that love you and love your work, If you need a creative boost, I have Massive amounts of that in case you have writters block.
3/21 c33 OtakuEliz.707
IM STILL HERE QUEEN WAITING FOR YOU WHENEVER YOU ARE READY <3 i hope youre in good gealth, i jniw being a nurse and working at a hospital is difficult. I Pray that youre safe and healthy. Hope to hear from uou soon
2/25 c33 3Opera123
another amazing chapter
2/16 c33 Grlad
I see Izuna as her brother figure and Madara as Sakura's lover based on how the story has been written, so please keep it Madara/Sakura (though, with all three in a different story WRITTEN BY YOU is something I don't opposed muahaha. Cough sorry hehe). Izuna, I can see being paired up with Toka Senju or with another Uchina woman.

I loved the update and the whole story! Please keep it up author - Sama! Wonderful all throughout! One of my favorite stories of all time!
2/7 c32 kazuyaryo
Yhat story was amazing.
1/22 c33 kazuyaryo
Amazing story.
1/8 c33 1Hiina
Its so good to see a new chapter, even if Im crying for Sakura.

I absolutely love this story, every time I think over Naruto fanfic, I remember this. All this years. To me is the first story I think about powerful Sakura, about Sakura and Uchiha and it felt lovely to see another chapter.

I hope that 2024 brings a better year to you, wish wonderful and healthy things to you!
12/22/2023 c33 1hermonine
Great story! Keep up the great work and update soon!
12/22/2023 c1 MarMikaelson
Una actualización como regalo de navidad?
12/18/2023 c33 1PurpleKetloom
Re-binged the hell out of this story, omg.

I can totally imagine the next time everyone meets up again, she'll have that feline/predatory STRUT and I am HERE for it!

I hope you're doing well! Read you soon!
11/21/2023 c33 deviantgirl17
please please please keep going this storyline needs an ending.. well more like I need an ending because it's getting too good for it to stop now.
11/19/2023 c33 Guest
I love this story so much! Your writing, your world building, everything is to perfection! Thank you for writing this magnificent story! I am so glad I have found this gem!
Update when you can and make sure to take care of yourself!
*Goes off to read the story for a 2nd time, but won't be the last made me an addict for your story ***
11/17/2023 c8 JellyBeansxyz
Nah i would’ve bailed. Fuck your sister, if youre gonna insult me, she can just die.
10/19/2023 c33 jazthaneleidelrosario
another well done masterpiece good job
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