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7/31 c10 1redroseandbriar
"The gulf of the lonely empty years stretched out before her."

An evocative line and a lovely chapter. :)
6/23 c74 Chelsietx
What a journey! I’m so glad you gave Marilla and John these loving years together. Absolutely divine!
1/6/2021 c74 74kslchen
Since tonight appears to be my night of playing catch up, I figured I'd do it properly and catch up here as well. After all, it won't really do to have reviewed 73 of 74 chapters and not the last and final one. I bugs my sense of order, which is lucky for you, because it means you get a belated review out of me ;).

For a moment there at the beginning, I thought you might end this story with Marilla's death, but I'm glad you didn't. Not that you wouldn't have done it justice, because we've seen you handle that subject with care and sensitivity, but somehow, for all it also tackled serious subjects, this story wants to end on a happy note, I think. Maybe even more so because this was the first major story that you posted and now saw through to its end? Either way, I wished for a happy ending for it and I'm glad I got it.

I enjoyed how you gave us little glimpses at what happened in the 73 chapter before, without it taking over the narrative and becoming repetitive. It was just right to reflect on the love that grew between Marilla and John and the love that exists between them and their family. It makes sense that in their age, with a certain frailty becoming noticeable, Marilla and John wonder about what happens to those they eventually leave behind, but I think they can rest well in the knowledge that their family will be happy and will be glad for the shared memories. And what's more, I think they think so, too.

The ending here is especially effective, I think, because it encapsulates John and Marilla's story. If they had gotten married all those years ago, there would never have been a Gilbert and God knows what would have happened to Anne. In a way, Maud sacrifices the love of John and Marilla so the love of Anne and Gilbert could blossom. You, on the other hand, picked up that loose thread and made both work at the same time, which is much better. Excellently done and I think if these characters could, they'd thank you for doing their story justice.
11/2/2020 c22 Liliana
This is a very sweet story. Let see the love between John and Marilla. But specially it is Marilla who has a noble soul and a great heart that knew how to wait...
11/2/2020 c53 2maristellavascotto
storia tristissima ma ho ritrovato la nostra Marilla sempre pronta a sacrificarsi per il dolore degli altri sacrificando il proprio dolore , e meno male che per lei ci sia John di cui si sente tanto amata

very sad story but I found our Marilla always ready to sacrifice herself for the pain of others by sacrificing her own pain, and thank goodness for her there is John of whom she feels so loved
10/14/2020 c74 maristellavascotto
mi rende talmente felice il sapere che Marilla è tanto amata e coccolata dal suo John che la chiama ancora" amore mio" e le premure che ha per le sue mani doloranti mentre rammentano il passato e ipotizzato cosa sarebbe successo se... la saggezza di Marilla esprime che non si può pensare ai se in quanto le vite di tutti sono queste e non si possono cambiare tutto questo succede nel relax più totale mentre si godono la natura lei si pone la domanda di come sarà quando non ci saranno più a questo punto John ricorda a Marilla quello che ha costruito (una bella fam allargata) e quello che lascerà in eredità ,e per questo per i suoi cari lei vivrà per sempre
mia cara amica sai trasmettere sempre tanto amore ,riesco a immaginare Marilla con la testa appoggiata nel grembo di john , e ogni giorno che verrà sarà sempre così grazie
10/12/2020 c74 3DW.618
I hadn't discovered your John and Marilla story until now! Thank you for starting this chapter with a story recap. I've always known of arthritis but it seems like it is manageable with today's medicines and treatments.
But back in Marilla's day, it would be so debilitating and painful! The poor thing! Their conversation about the consequences of Matthew and Marilla taking in Anne does show the joy brought to all of their lives by that turn of events. Sorry you were having "a day" but I'm glad it resulted in you writing this gem.
10/11/2020 c74 10Excel Aunt
Congratulations on completing this story, one with twists and turns in every direction. At the end of the day, you went back its core: you went back to Marilla.

Yes, she is old, she bears the infirmities of her age, but she is not unloved or abandoned. She reflects beautifully on her past, self imposed isolation, not quite believing how the mid-aged woman she once was, was transformed and now is connected to a future she dreams to see.

You never ignored John in this story either, but you did achieve something that I don't think many before (and probably after) has done in fanfic. You removed Marilla from the aptly put, "Anne prism" and nuianced her life so we could truly appreciate the growth of her character, whether in your story, or the series of books.

Again, Congratulations!
10/10/2020 c74 Guest
It feels like you wrote this just for me. What a lovely surprise. Thank you.
10/10/2020 c74 Liliana
it really touched me. It led me to that wonderful love scene between Marilla and John, the one we really wanted to happen. Congratulations!
10/10/2020 c74 4OriginalMcFishie
Gorgeous chapter. You get a real sense of their life with Marillas pain and a foreshadow of a potential addiction but that's in the future perhaps, now they have each other. The conversation in Hesters garden was inspired
10/9/2020 c74 DrinkThemIn
It was a gorgeous ending and it is so very You. I suppose you know a thing or two on upholding a legacy - that part made me cry. There are so many ‘things’ in life that I do or make or see or smell so that I can keep that person close. I very much doubt it will be the case for me when I’m not around - those are reserved for the especially beloved people. Marilla IS beloved and has become so mainly because of you.

You are one of the greats!
9/24/2020 c21 2maristellavascotto
ho iniziato da qua, non mi sono resa conto che l'episodio successivo non era il seguito di questo io li ho legati assieme per questo il mio giudizio positivo parte da questa pagina che tu mi hai consigliato grazie ,per tanta emozione

I started from here, I did not realize that the next episode was not the continuation of this one I linked them together for this reason my positive opinion starts from this page that you recommended me thanks, for so much emotion
9/24/2020 c22 maristellavascotto
questo che ho letto fino adesso è la cosa più bella che tu avessi mai scritto (a mio parere ) perchè anche se comunque è immaginazione si parla di Marilla, quella Marilla che noi conosciamo(non riesco a riconoscerla nei racconti da giovane sposa con John) e mi fa un piacere immenso che abbia trovato l'amore anche in età avanzata, lei ha avuto dall'arrivo di Anna tanti cambiamenti anche nel sociale, Questo amore le rende giustizia ,se lo merita tutto ,lei non sarà mai vecchia, anzi è ringiovanita e noi lo sappiamo ...e continuiamo ad amarla sempre più

what I have read so far is the most beautiful thing you have ever written (in my opinion) because even if it is imagination we are talking about Marilla, that Marilla we know (I cannot recognize her in the stories as a young bride with John) and it gives me immense pleasure that she found love even in old age, she has had so many social changes since Anna's arrival, This love does her justice, she deserves it all, she will never be old, indeed she is rejuvenated and we know it ... and we continue to love her more and more
1/6/2020 c73 Andrea1984
I like this story so much, about Rachel Lynde, her children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.


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