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4/18/2018 c4 TheOverlordEdge
... Excuse me but what? Did,Did you just have Haratio beat someone fem Gil couldn't even beat with EA!? WHY? WHAT? EXCUSE ME?! What the point of having servants if your guy obviously already so many light years a head of one? What? In the literal time span of a single chapter you have pretty much literally null and void any use for the servants in this story. Considering how they will probably always be at Horatio side there only purpose in life now is to be part of his no doubt eventual infinitely growing harem and to hype up any character they themselves can't beat in order to futher hype up Horatio eventual appearance in a fight! You have literally Genos, Scath and Gil. Even if you are equalizing power levels and the opponents is Lilith this is completely unacceptable! What the bloody points of the servants! They are obviously just there now to add to Horatio harem!
4/18/2018 c5 sonic
I liked the chapter!
4/18/2018 c4 Stratos263
Dam so they kill that copy of ophis
4/18/2018 c3 Stratos263
That Lucifer is screwed
4/18/2018 c2 Stratos263
Good luck to Horatius
4/18/2018 c1 Stratos263
Good job on the start
4/18/2018 c5 5Beast Mode92
Another great chapter. I also love the idea that Michael and Gabriel would try to recruit another God for their faction from the type Moon universe.
4/18/2018 c5 bloodredmoon22
they move really fast for example for agility of C rank is low at 450 miles per hour to a high of 750 miles an most heroic spirts can easily break the speed of sound.
thanks for the chapter
4/18/2018 c5 T-B-R
and the adventures of Loli-Gil-Chan commence!~
4/18/2018 c4 T-B-R
the gacha hell is too real my friend.
4/18/2018 c5 FateBurn
Excellent like always, cant wait to see how they deal with the request posted to them by Michael, or how the little row between Scáthach and Gilgamesh will play out.
4/18/2018 c5 BlitzNeutral69
Yeah... next chapter shall be an interesting one...
4/18/2018 c5 Oran
Reading from Issei's POV gave headaches, I mean I know he's a pervert and his characteristics is based on that... but having to read his insulting nickname of Horatius is obnoxious.

Anyway seems like Michael asking far too much from Horatius and his group. I mean Nasuverse seems to avoid showing God and the Messiah a lot or even confirming the existance of God when there are Saints like Martha who knew the messiah or the fact there is David who is the ancestor of Christ.
4/18/2018 c5 Perry
Judging from their reaction, I'm guessing Horatius and his group have been to universes that have treated them to be fictional?
4/17/2018 c5 Saru
Yeah I tried, but I still don't like Issei, reading his point of view just doesn't work for me.

Still though the Angels asking about Nasuverse God. That is interesting to see. But Angels haven't been shown in the Nasuverse. Only Demons and Saints have been shown in Nasuverse. God is mentioned many times but we never seen him before. How is this conversation going to work?
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