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3/3/2018 c4 FateBurn
Excellent chapter, it was great seeing an all out battle between mini-Ouboros and Irappu/Horatius, cant wait to see the next one when the two casts meet. Also love that the fourth member is Nasu-Tiamat, it will be interesting to see her interact with DxD Chaos Karma Dragon Tiamat at some point.
And as a FGO player I have to inform you that the Meme of rate up being a lie is in fact real, rate up just means that the 1% chance of a 5 star stays the same. But with the added modifier that if you indeed hit that 1% there is a 50% chance that it will be the featured 5 star servant.
It happened to me with Okita I hit the golden Saber card but got Altera instead. But in the end luck is big factor like you said. Please continue again soon, cant wait for more.
3/3/2018 c4 Guest
I feel your pain bro. I know that. My last 10 30 quartzs rolls only got me essences. not even a single 4 star servant.
3/3/2018 c4 AceBlazer007
I feel your pain, I burned through 300 to try and get Tamamo and all I got were CEs. Guda Guda had me burning 200 and no Okita. Went all in for Shishou and got her after spending about 300. I later learn that rolling singles is way better than rolling multis. Rolling singles got me NP2 Mordred, NP3 MHX, NP2 Bryn and NP1 Void Shiki. Rolling multis gave me 4 star servants and CEs. Still though, Altera spooked me while rolling for someone (Can't remember who) and Jeanne spooked me in the very beginning during Gil's banner. I started the game with Artoria after 12 hours of rerolling. Meanwhile I have friends who get 3 Okitas in 1 muti, a Jack on their first multi, 3 SSR servants within the same day (2 Void Shikis and 1 Tammy) ... Salt is real.
3/3/2018 c4 Regale Rhythm
Well, that was interesting - both the fight and the flashback. The switches in perspective is a nice idea, but switching to a different character while using first person point of view is kind of disorienting. Could be just me, but I think third person POV for other perspectives and 1st person POV being reserved for Horatius would be better.
Also, for FGO, I was lucky enough to get 1 five star(yay for Okita), but currently in a 5 month dry spell - try 4 tamamo cats XD
Anyway, look forward for the next chapter!
3/3/2018 c4 7In Brightest Day
Were all of your rolls singles or ten-pulls? Also I feel for you man, I burned like 200 dollars for Scathcah and didn't get anything but Robin Hoods and Black keys. The only good thing that came outta that was me maxing out Heaven's feeldamn near twice), Formal Craft, and getting my Emiya to np 4.
3/3/2018 c4 3KadoyaOkami


Holy FUCK that was an awesome battle to read through! Seriously, I've always wondered what using planets themselves as weapons would be like, but you made it the ultimate spectacle!

And all that set-up for more plot! Love it, love giving Tiamat some time to shine, and that drop letting the two sides finally interact meaningfully!

I can't wait to see what comes next, and oh MAN Irappu with a human mind just needs more time to shine!
2/27/2018 c3 PikaMew1288
Considering that BOTH Ophis and Lilith are Both Dragons and Gods then she should be weak to Both God and Dragon Slaying Weapons. Enkidu to restrain Lilith and Ascalon to decapitate her. Easy Victory.
1/20/2018 c1 pan0ply
Huh. 400m in 10s is around 89mph. That actually seems really, really slow for Servants in a full speed dash, especially when considering the fact that the 3 featured here are easily among the top tiers.
1/19/2018 c3 Guest
Are you gonna keep makin the flashbacks with the heroes? Cuz those are fy favorite.
1/19/2018 c3 Rawrking
trash fic. you clearly overestimated power level of high school dxd characters for some inexplicable reason (maybe you want to make the fights more even?) which is insanely stupid in any case. Find some other way to make the plot interesting. Compared to heroic spirits without prana limits, dxdverse doesn't have anything that can handle ones like gilgamesh and altera. Especially given canonical feats, of which dxd has nothing impressive getting shown in canon. Top-level dxd characters are basically just ophis, trihexa and great red which each have glaring weaknesses, while nasuverse bosses have lots of haxxor powers. You're already twisting the plot in random directions without any clear endgame, the least you could do is not pull bullshit like this.
1/19/2018 c3 5Beast Mode92
this is really good i like fate/ dxd stories when done right. I'd really like to see a fate/dxd/campione/ and maybe even Rosario Vampire story.
1/19/2018 c3 Temsen
I wonder if the best weapon now would be some chocolate? :D
1/19/2018 c3 Roland Tepes
This was an outstanding chapter.
Please keep up the great work.
1/19/2018 c3 Volfy790
Good chapter
1/19/2018 c3 fire99
I liked the chapter! Do you know if Yahweh of Nasuverse came or did not come, the reaction of the angels in either situation will be hilarious and maybe even heartbreaking, because to know that your father from another universe had the power to come and help them grow back , instead decided to abandon them and slowly drop in despair ... besides the fact that Nasuverse Yahweh are humans, the reaction to that fact must be funny by all 3 factions ... .. I have faith that you will do a chapter focused on this subject, because I am very anxious to see the reaction of the 3 factions and especially of the angels on this! great chapter! Looking forward to the next chapter!

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