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11/24/2019 c11 Temsen
Well, Hades did get as much spotlight as he deserved. :D
That story is one I'm really curious to hear about!
11/24/2019 c11 FateBurn
Great chapter like always can't wait for the next one
11/23/2019 c11 1Korwin1
Oh dear... Wull this story be something similar to the Babylon Singularity?
11/23/2019 c11 Gawain-Knight of the Sun
I wonder how this will turn out on a scale of one to telemundo
11/23/2019 c1 MosquitoesLoveMe
Came here from reading your story 'Fourth Route'. The first couple of lines say that Irappu is a Sanskrit word. It isn't to my knowledge. It's a Tamil word, and the text you have there is also in Tamil. In Sanskrit, Mrityu might be a better alternative.
10/23/2019 c10 desropter
Fantastic work. I love the Fanfiction.
9/26/2019 c10 doomqwer
I hope to see more of this
9/26/2019 c4 doomqwer
Damn that natural disaster fight was fucking awesome
9/26/2019 c2 doomqwer
This is quite the fun story so far
9/11/2019 c10 gunnars14
Alright, just binged this story and I'm loving it. Altera going Sefar is what made me favorite it, but all in all I'm really liking everything you're doing. You've made a very enjoyable OC.
8/28/2019 c10 bloodredmoon22
well i would say it was nice knowing Hades but he sounded like an ass so Sefar show him how powerless he truly is.
8/24/2019 c10 Razie.B
When do you think you can release the next chapter?
8/24/2019 c10 shadowfire12
I liked the chapter.
8/24/2019 c10 look2019
I liked the chapter!
8/24/2019 c10 Guest
damn cliffhanger! great chap btw.
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